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15 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (Best Guide)

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Have you ever watched video content on YouTube? The answer is, who didn’t, right?

As you know, YouTube is the largest online platform for video sharing; therefore, it has the highest number of users. YouTube has a wide variety of videos for you to watch.

You can also share your videos on YouTube for the world to see. First, you have to open a YouTube channel and then keep uploading videos so people can watch them.

Wait, what? That sounds way too easy!

However, for people to watch your videos, they must appear in front of them so they can click on them. With such a vast content volume, your video can only occur in someone’s feed if your video has high engagement. It means your videos have an increased number of views.

To get YouTube video views, you might have to buy YouTube views.


Why Should People Buy YouTube Views?

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If you are making content, your goal is to have the highest number of views. Some of the reasons are discussed below. Check them out and decide whether you want to buy views for your videos.


Higher Ranking: YouTube algorithm can recommend content to you based on the number of views, comments, likes, and user engagement. So having a higher number of views gives your content a higher ranking.

The higher the ranking, the higher the chance of the YouTube algorithm displaying your content on someone’s feed.

Becoming Popular: Your video views can make your videos go viral. For example, if the videos need 50000 views to go viral and you have 20000 organic views, the remaining views can be covered up by buying YouTube views.

More Subscribers: Buying YouTube views can bring in more subscribers. When you buy YouTube views, your video goes viral, and more people search for your videos. Naturally, they tend to subscribe for future notifications. So, the fastest way to get more subscribers easily is to buy YouTube views.

Get more traffic: More views will ensure more traffic to your channel. People will watch more of your videos and they may even share which will result in more views.

Make more money: More views mean more money. If you are struggling with a new channel, when only a few people are watching your videos, the best way is to buy YouTube views. This will get you more subscribers, more views, and in turn, more money.


How to Buy YouTube Views?

Now that you know the benefits of buying YouTube views, you must wonder how to buy them and from where. Well, numerous websites provide this service. To make it easy for you to choose from, we will share the list of the most trusted sites.

The expert team has prepared this article after much research. Here we are listing only legitimate sites. Therefore, here is a piece of free advice for you, only buy YouTube video views services with reading this article.


Is it Legal to Get YouTube Views?

Getting YouTube video views is not illegal. Here’s what YouTube’s Terms of Service says, Buying promotional services is perfectly legal, as long as genuine users generate those services, are promoted on a legitimate social media platform and other social media platforms, and – most important of all – are not fake bot views. If you are using such means to have a high number of subscribers or video views, you are showing off fake numbers to people. This is unethical and fraudulent.


What are YouTube bots?

Bots are codes that are all over YouTube, which do things like increasing the number of subscribers, likes, and views. Bots can do anything their creators want. This allows the creators to make their followers do what they want them to do, precisely increasing views to get a higher ranking on YouTube. With a higher ranking, the YouTube algorithm picks up their content and show it on people’s feed.

Bots can be of a few types. The most common ones are:

View bots

These bots fabricate your video views count by inflating them. These bots show that your video has many views, whereas the organic views are relatively low.

Comment Bots

These bots leave comments on your videos. You must have seen such comments on almost all videos where there is usually a link to another website, YouTube channel, or video. YouTube usually screens these kinds of words because it wants people to maintain the engagement level of their videos.

Subscriber bots

These bots subscribe to your YouTube channel to increase the number of subscribers. The problem with these bots is that they show your content to an audience who might be different from the real target. Although you might have a higher status over your competitors, your content will not reach your target audience. Instead, the subscriber bots will influence who sees your content resulting in showing up your videos on feeds of people who are not interested in your content.

Although there are different types of bots, the views bots are the most used. Creators can earn more and more from each view. So for creating fake popularity, creators use views bots to increase the number of views on their videos artificially. This way their videos have a higher ranking and the YouTube algorithm shows these to more people on their feed. Naturally, more people can watch the videos and people watch videos that are popular due to fear of missing out.

Now, the YouTube algorithm also tries to figure out from where each view is coming, whether each is legitimate or not. Of course, when you refresh the video page repeatedly, the view count increases. But, in the long run, it won’t work out. This is because the YouTube algorithm can detect users who frequently refresh their video pages to increase view count deceptively and then delete those users’ accounts. YouTube algorithm can also detect IP addresses. If YouTube can somehow understand that, your videos have artificial views to make your content’s YouTube ranks higher; they may suspend or terminate your YouTube account.

However, these bots sometimes escape the close monitoring of the YouTube algorithm, and creators may successfully reach their target. Or can they? When the bots distort the system to avoid getting caught, they also distort the audience. For example, your target audience is in the USA, but you are getting views from Vietnam by using views bots. So your video became viral in Vietnam but not in the USA. In such cases, you would only be able to reach your target audience and accomplish the purpose of the content.

If YouTube finds out that your account has views from bots or fake accounts, they may ban or suspend your YouTube account.

There’s a catch here. Some websites are selling “legitimate YouTube video views.” This is different from what we have explained so far. These websites advertise your videos to people and encourage real users to click on your video link and view your video. This way, real viewers will be watching your videos. YouTube algorithm considers such views as organic views.

You must know that YouTube has bot hunters. These hunters hunt for suspicious activities all over YouTube. If you are using bots to boost YouTube views, you might risk losing your channel altogether. Instead, you can buy YouTube views service from websites that are reliable.

As mentioned earlier, numerous websites offer such services, but you must know that not all are trustworthy. Many charge you for their services but send bot views instead of real ones. In such cases, the first thing is that they are being deceitful. They are selling you fake YouTube video views but charging you a hefty amount. These views can lead to the termination of your account by YouTube.

After researching for several days, our expert team has found some legit and reliable sites for you. Reading this article will save you from scammers.


15 Most Trusted and Legal Sites to Buy YouTube Views

Since buying YouTube views is the easiest and fastest way to get popular, most creators are using this mean to beat their competitors. In this situation, many websites are offering these services to the creators. Due to the high demand for such services, many dishonest people are taking advantage of offering services that are not accepted by YouTube’s Terms of Service. For example, they are selling YouTube views, but they are using view bots, whereas, they also know that, using these view bots can lead to the termination of the creators’ YouTube accounts.

Therefore, you need to be careful about where you buy these services. There are many websites that sell these services, but they do not use view bots. Instead, they advertise to people to encourage them to view your videos. This means the views you buy from such websites come from real users. Thus, you must know reliable and trustworthy websites before buying views from them. Here we have listed the 15 most trusted and legal websites to make it easy for you to decide whose service you will be paying for. Read through the details of each of them, and you may choose the most suitable one for yourself.


#1 Views4You – the Most Popular (Free Tools and Packages)

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Views4you is a popular website among content creators because of its reliable and secure service. They have YouTube-related services like buying video views and subscribers as well as other tools for analysis and insights about your account.

They got their reputation because of the free tools that they offer to the public. They have great analytics tools like YouTube insights, YouTube money calculator, YouTube subtitle downloader, YouTube thumbnail downloader, YouTube title generator, YouTube restrictions checker and etc. You can use all these tools free of cost.

When you buy YouTube views from Views4you, their packages are designed according to different target audiences and budgets. They have various packages with different price ranges, such as a 1000 video view package that comes at $2.49, a 5k video view package for $12.45, and so on.

What is more impressive is that they have subscription packages that come with a discounted rate. This means you can buy the same package multiple times and get them at a cheaper price!

Their YouTube views are 100% real, coming from active users and organic sources. The retention of the views is also very high as it stays for at least two minutes to ensure your videos won’t be flagged as spam.

Their delivery time is fast, and they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with the views or something else goes wrong. They also have an excellent customer support team that is available 24/7 for any queries regarding your account.

Overall, choosing Views4you to buy YouTube views is a great choice as it offers reliable services at affordable prices.


#2 ViewsGeek– Our Second Favourite Site (Cheapest and best quality)

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ViewsGeek is a trusted website that offers you YouTube-related services, like, buying YouTube likes, buying YouTube subscribers, and buying YouTube video views.

When you buy YouTube views from ViewsGeek, you will get views from only real accounts, not from any bots. The people who are viewing the content are active users of YouTube.

The viewers are real viewers who are interested in your content. This means their views provide more engagement and greater reach. They can also subscribe for future notifications. This will lead to more views and more engagement organically.

These organic viewers would mostly be from the same country as you live in to ensure the effectiveness of your content. Among similar websites, the pricing is very competitive, too as their quality of views is extremely high. High-quality views mean their view count is very effective in meeting your target.

Something very impressive is that they offer various YouTube views packages according to your needs and budget. Not every time you will have the same need or affordability.

You just have to go through the details of the packages offered and choose what suits you the best. You do not have to pay a large amount for something you do not need. You can choose a target and a suitable package that is affordable for you. The time of their service delivery is exceptionally fast.

After buying YouTube views from ViewsGeek, they will deliver within 24 hours. Moreover, ViewsGeek offers you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Firstly, it means that they guarantee you that you will be 100% satisfied with their service.

Secondly, it means if you are unsatisfied with their service for any reason, they will return your money to you. ViewsGeek also has a Retention Guarantee which means they provide high retention YouTube views.

The views sold by them will stay for at least two minutes. It is important as this will ensure that your video will not be flagged as spam. Additionally, they have an excellent customer support team available 24/7 for any problem you may face.

Their team is experienced and knowledgeable, so they can help you with any query or issue regarding your videos. ViewsGeek provides reliable service and is extremely sensitive to your privacy and safety. Their SSL-encrypted payment gateway keeps your data safe and protects your information.

When you pay for their services, you do not have to worry about compromised personal information or bank details. Overall, comparing the quality of their service and their pricing with other similar websites, we can conclude that, ViewsGeek provides the best quality at the cheapest price.


#3 Voogen – Rising Star (Instant Delivery)

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Voogen is another website that is the next best alternative now. They also provide high-quality services at an affordable price. The YouTube views sold by them are organic views. This means your videos are being advertised to real users.

You may wonder how they get real people to watch your videos. In fact, it is a very simple process. They use google ads to show your content to people who might be interested in your content.

When your video pops up on someone’s screen or shows up on someone’s feed, they tend to click on them. When they view your content, they give you a view count.

Along with that, these viewers might turn out to be subscribers offering you more engagement in the future. This happens when the viewers can relate to your content and want to be able to watch more of your videos.

Such benefits can only be reached with trustworthy sites that would provide only real accounts as views. There is no chance of using bots; hence, your channel is safe from getting banned or suspended by YouTube. The best advantage of purchasing views from Voogen is that they give you instant delivery.

They deliver immediately as soon as you pay for their services. This portrays the legitimacy and quality of their service. Compared to other sites, Voogen also offers affordable pricing for their service. In addition to quality service, they ensure that your data is safe and protect your privacy.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about compromised personal information.


#4 YouTubeViewsBuy – Trustworthy (Best Customer Service)

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YouTubeViewsBuy is another website that offers similar services by which you can meet the right target audience for your channel. They offer you to buy YouTube views along with other such engagements. If you are wondering if buying YouTube views is legal or not, do not worry about it.

Because you can buy real YouTube views from YouTubeViewsBuy, real YouTube users will watch your videos and increase your view count. Their service is safe and easy to use.

So, you do not need to consider whether your personal information is in danger. They will protect your information and keep your data safe. If you are getting such quality YouTube views, the minimum amount to be paid for these services is bare.

It is obvious that the price you must pay for such a high-quality service is worth it. Moreover, they offer the best customer service in this sector. They have a skilled team of experts available for any of your queries, suggestions, or complaints regarding their services.

If you have any confusion about how they work or how you can get their services, their talented team is just a few clicks away. The best thing about buying YouTube Views from YouTubeViewsBuy is that you do not have to be concerned about whether or not, YouTube will suspend your account.

Because they only provide quality YouTube views by active YouTube users. Their service can be relied upon as they will never use bots to give you an artificial boost and not meet your target.


#5 StormViews

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StormViews is another trustworthy website to purchase YouTube views as they promise to deliver 100% genuine views from real people. Their dedication to providing high-quality service to their customers is remarkable. They guarantee solutions at the best rates.

They also provide instant delivery of their YouTube growth services. As soon as you sign up, they deliver your purchased views. They also offer 24/7 customer support to provide a solution to all your problems at any time of the day or night.

They provide easy-to-process, high-quality, fast service to their customers. With StormViews, there is no need to worry about being banned by YouTube as they use real users to send you views. Moreover, they constantly update themselves to align with any change in the YouTube algorithm.


#6 QQTube

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QQTube provides a variety of services to be successful in social media. They do not stop at just one platform. Instead, they offer to be popular among all social media platforms, whether big or small.

QQTube has social media services to boost your content as needed so you do not need to worry about how to reach your target audience, as they will take care of it. You just have to keep creating the content you love.

The best thing about them is that they test the services rigorously before offering them to their customers. This helps them to keep up the excellent quality that they deliver.

They offer the lowest prices for you to make the most of your brand by spending the least amount possible.


#7 Zeru

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Zeru provides services to grow your brand on social media platforms. You must choose the right package for you by entering the details of your requirements. Then they will customize and prepare the best deal for you.

They promise to give the fastest delivery. As soon as you place your order, you will start seeing the results. They also have customer support service to help you at any stage of your brand growth. While using their services, there is no contract.

So, you can cancel anytime without any penalty or restrictions. The unique service they have is the free trial offer. You can use their services for free and then decide whether you would like to pay for their services or not.

Zeru has a team of social media experts who know how to build brands so choose wisely.


#8 YouTube Market

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YouTube Market creates and delivers secure YouTube services that will take you to the top rankers on YouTube. You can trust this website because all information you would enter is protected by SSL encryption.

Their software engineers, SEO specialists, and social media professionals are continually developing improvements and placing a priority on client security.

In this regard, they make every effort to maintain a high level of service quality as a business that offers the most modern and effective infrastructure for YouTube services.

Their specialized team updates their services daily using the most recent algorithm. The services are genuine and natural. Your channel has no danger of using their services.


#10 Buyyoutubeviews (BYTV)

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Buy YouTube views (BYTV) proposes services that guarantee success and popularity on social media. They have various packages of different budgets to suit your needs.

You just have to make your content and they will make sure to make it viral. 100% of your money will be refunded if the views don’t produce the desired results. There won’t be any more inquiries.

Within 24 to 48 hours of placing an order, there will be an increase in views of your YouTube content. Their main objective is to satisfy customers. Therefore, they have excellent customer support to help you in your journey.


#11 MediaMister

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MediaMister offers a wide range of promotional services to boost your presence on all social media platforms. You can blindly trust this website as they have served over 100000 customers worldwide with the help of a dynamic team and range of services.

They deliver each service 100% manually by offering high-impact social signals from actual individuals with live, genuine accounts — no bots, no automation, and a strict no-spam policy. If you want to tap any specific geographical area, MediaMister can help you accomplish it. They would never request any sensitive information from you or your login information.

Everything is done completely off-site, and they always go above and beyond to guarantee complete safety and privacy for any client they work with. They will also fully reimburse your initial purchase fee if they are unable to complete the task as promised.

You can rely on the Media Mister team to give you the frank and unbiased guidance you need to pick the ideal goods for your promotional campaign. They are available at all times to address your inquiries and thoroughly describe how their services operate.


#12 Socialboss

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SocialBoss is a Social Media Marketing Marketplace. They have several packages for you to find the best one that suits you. They ensure that all your account information and personal data will remain private. They secure your account through the use of Smart Delivery Technologies.

Moreover, customer service is available around-the-clock. So, you can get in touch with them at any time. For their services, a 30-day warranty is provided.

They work to continually improve their offerings, and they do author oversight of order delivery. Do not worry because it won’t take long for your order to be delivered. The form for ordering and paying is quite straightforward.


#13 Veefly

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Veefly helps you get more engagement on your channel by promoting it to the relevant audience with google ads. They provide you with real and enduring views on YouTube. With VeeFly, you can pay to increase YouTube views and obtain a loyal, genuine following.

They are aware of the most effective strategies for promoting YouTube channels. They have a dashboard where you may view analytics related to your purchases, keep tabs on changes, and follow developments. In other words, you may always evaluate the extent to which we helped you get more YouTube views.

They include as many specifics as they can, making it simple for the search engine to position your content in front of the appropriate audience. They choose viewers who will follow you for a long time. They have AI and Machine Learning used to filter out Low Engagement Viewers, so your money doesn’t go to waste.

They deliver your service promptly. All of these services are being offered at an affordable price to you.


#14 YTViews

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YTViews have all types of YouTube marketing solution according to your need. They offer various packages to suit your needs. They are 100% safe, so you do not have to worry about compromised personal information or private data.

Their services are affordable in terms of quality. If you are unsatisfied with their service, you have a money-back guarantee. They will refund your payment without any questions.

Moreover, they have a customer support team who is willing to provide you with complete support regarding your issues. You can completely trust this website because it served over 50000 creators.


#15 SocialPlus

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SocialPlus provide the highest quality promotions and growth strategies for your YouTube account to help you grow faster, safely, and affordably. You can try their services for free and see for yourself.

They have amazing expertise, and quality services at affordable pricing. It is safe to use their services as no password is required. They also have a money-back guarantee.

An experienced customer support team is also available to support you with your queries at any time of the day, 24/7. You can make payments using secure third-party payment methods.

So, there is no need to worry about sharing your personal or account information.


What to Consider When Buying YouTube Views

There are many things you should think about when buying YouTube views. We are going to discuss a few below.

Why? Whenever you want to buy YouTube views, always ask why. YouTube is a search engine for YouTube videos. The algorithm of YouTube enhances the chance of someone watching your video or your YouTube channel. Thus, in short, buying YouTube views give you visibility.

Is it Useful? Whether you make YouTube videos for fun or whether you have multiple YouTube channels having YouTube subscribers improve your content and make you make better content.

Is it safe? There are hundreds of websites that offer the services of buying YouTube views. You should do your own research.

Will your account be banned? No, buying YouTube views doesn’t get anyone banned. In fact, purchasing YouTube views will help you overpower your competitors.


The 4 Secrets to Growing your YouTube Audience

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Here are some easy secrets for learning how to grow your YouTube views.

 #1 Target the Right Keywords

YouTube is like a search engine. Thus, keywords help a video to be visible. Hence you should do proper keyword research to drive traffic toward your video or YouTube channel. The best way to do keyword research would be to use SEO tools.

#2 Optimize Your Channel

YouTube is one of the largest search engines, and YouTube optimization help videos be visible both to app users and users who come through other websites. There are various ways a user can optimize their channel.

  1. Put a Keyword in the channel name
  2. Complete the about us Section
  3. Use channel keyword tags
  4. Use a channel Trailer
  5. Produce long videos on channel

#3 Upload Your Video at the Best Time

There is no specific time to which is good to upload your videos. However, there are ways you can research when might be the best time. Some of them are given below.

  1. Know your subscribers
  2. Check your Chanel analytics
  3. Research the best times used by other popular creators
  4. Upload videos regularly

#4 Use Creative Thumbnail

Creating an attractive Thumbnail always attracts more subscribers. and more users in the channel. There are many online sites that help to create a thumbnail. You can either choose a thumbnail template or choose a picture by yourself. Next, you can add some text, clipart and/or background. Voila, you have a creative new thumbnail.


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