Clear Vision Ahead: 5 Steps How to Successfully Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Online shopping has completely changed  the way we buy basically almost everything with how convenient and accessible it is to everyone, and prescription glasses are definitely no exception. With just a few clicks, you can look through a very large catalog of frames, be able to compare prices and have your perfect pair delivered literally to your doorstep! This being said, shopping for prescription glasses online can be kind of scary if you aren’t really sure where to start. Today we’ll guide you through the five essential steps to successfully buy prescription glasses online, guaranteeing  a seamless shopping experience.


Step 1: Obtain an Updated Prescription

Before learning how to buy prescription glasses online, you need to have an accurate prescription. The foundation of a successful online prescription glasses purchase is a current and accurate prescription. It’s super important for your eye health that you have an eye exam at least every two years, which is when your prescription expires. If your last eye exam was over two years ago, you definitely need to schedule an appointment with your optometrist, so you can get a copy of your updated prescription. Your prescription includes details like your lens power (which is measured in diopters for nearsightedness or farsightedness), pupillary distance (PD), and any other additional measurements or lens features that you may need. It’s basically like instructions for whoever will be making your lenses, which is why it’s super important that it’s accurate, so your lenses will be a perfect fit for your sight.

Don’t forget to request a copy of your prescription after the exam, as you will need it when ordering glasses online. An updated prescription is crucial to ensure that your new glasses provide the clearest vision possible.


Step 2: Choose a Reputable Online Retailer

With numerous online retailers offering prescription glasses, it’s crucial to choose a reputable and reliable one. Look for well-established companies with positive customer reviews, clear return policies, and a user-friendly website. Reputable retailers often provide excellent customer service and offer helpful features like virtual try-on technology to help you visualize how the frames will look on your face.

Check if the retailer has a wide selection of frames that cater to various styles and preferences. Having more options ensures you’ll find the perfect pair that suits your face shape and personal taste.


Step 3: Virtual Try-On and Frame Selection

Virtual try-on technology is a game-changer when buying prescription glasses online. It allows you to digitally “try on” different frames using your computer’s webcam or a photo of your face. This feature helps you see how different styles fit your face shape, allowing you to narrow down your choices before making a final decision.

To use virtual try-on, follow the retailer’s instructions to upload your photo or enable your webcam. You can then look through all of the frames and see how each and every one looks on your face. You should definitely be paying attention to the frame dimensions provided on the website, this will help you choose frames that fit well and are proportionate to your face shape and size.


Step 4: Provide Accurate Measurements

To ensure a precise fit, you’ll need to provide accurate measurements to the online retailer. The two most critical measurements are your pupillary distance (PD) and frame size.

Your PD is the distance between the centers of your pupils, measured in millimeters. Some eye care professionals include this measurement in your prescription, but if not, you can measure it yourself using online guides or have a friend assist you.

The frame size typically consists of three numbers (e.g., 50-20-140), indicating the lens width, bridge width, and temple length, respectively. You can find these measurements on your current glasses or refer to the virtual try-on tool’s measurements.

Double-check the accuracy of these measurements before finalizing your order. A proper fit is crucial for comfortable wear and optimal vision correction.


Step 5: Explore Lens Options and Coatings

Prescription glasses come with various lens options and coatings that can enhance your visual experience. When buying glasses online, you should  consider single vision lenses, which are suitable mainly for those with nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia), providing clear vision at a single focal length. Another option is bifocal lenses; these lenses are designed for people who have both near and distance vision issues, featuring two distinct viewing areas in the lens. Progressive lenses are also another option. These are modern alternatives to bifocals, which offer a seamless transition between near and distance vision with no visible line on the lens.

In addition to the many different lens options you have, you also have quite a few options of lens coatings and treatments. You should consider adding coatings like anti-glare, which reduces reflections and glare, scratch-resistant, which improves lens durability and UV protection, which blocks harmful UV rays to enhance the performance and longevity of your glasses.


Buying prescription glasses online can be an incredibly rewarding and convenient experience if you follow these five essential steps. Always start with an updated prescription, choose a reputable retailer, utilize virtual try-on features, provide accurate measurements, and explore lens options and coatings. Armed with this knowledge and guidance, you can confidently navigate the online eyewear market and find the perfect pair of prescription glasses that suit your style, vision needs, and budget. So, with clear vision ahead, take the plunge into the world of online prescription glasses shopping and enjoy the convenience and ease it offers.

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