1883 Magazine’s Cameron Poole sits down with Huw Stephens to discuss his debut book Wales: 100 Records, his radio career, and what makes Glastonbury Festival so special.

1883 Magazine chats with Lyon Daniels about his first major starring role, what he hopes for The Spiderwick Chronicles character, and more.

1883 Magazine sits down with Clara Amfo to discuss hosting ITV Studio Sessions, the art of presenting, her work ethic, DJ'ing at events before Radio 1, and meeting Beyoncé.

1883 catches up with X Ambassadors on the Canadian leg of their North America tour, to talk about the new album, family, inspirations, and of course the big one - Elon Musk stealing their name.

Actress Samantha Pauly chats about portraying F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic socialite/golfer Jordan Baker on Broadway's The Great Gatsby.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Raegan discusses her latest EP, what she hopes for her audience, and more.

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