From Stefani Germanotta to Lady Gaga: This is how a Star was born


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In August 2018 a special musical film had its world premiere at the Venice Festival. Its name: “A Star is Born”.

The film was the third remake of the eponymous classical work which celebrated its debut in 1937. In the female lead, Stefanie Germanotta plays a young musician who becomes a star overnight. The actress is better known under the name Lady Gaga – und has had a similarly fast-paced career herself.


The star who was born twice: in music and film

At the Oscars in 2019, A Star is Born was nominated in eight categories, including Lady Gaga for the Best actress in Leading role. Unfortunately, the artist went away empty-handed, but one success came true: The song Shallow qualified as the Best Song. The piece of music was written by Lady Gaga in cooperation with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt – and sung in duet by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It also won the Academy Awards in 2019. The star lady gaga has thus created a new stage for herself in the film business and convinced both the audience and the experts. The veteran musician succeeded in linking her sounds with the grand cinema and thus emotionally picked up the people. It had been 10 years since her international breakthrough when the film and song were made. How was this star really born?

Her breakthrough happened in 2008 with her debut album “The Fame”. She moved all the way from New York to Los Angeles to finish this work. The album became a global success, it was sold about 15 million times and reached the top of the charts in six countries. in the USA it was “only” enough for a second place. The first two single releases from the album became world-wide hits, who remembers them? It was “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”, both now 14 years old and still as good as ever. Quite logical, for her album Lady Gaga received a Grammy in the category Best Electronic / Dance album.


A strong song that burns itself into the memory

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The fourth single from the album “The Fame”, “Paparazzi”, was also a great success. It won the MTV Video Music awards in the three categories Best Art Direction, Best Special Effects and Best New Artist. Besides, Lady Gaga sang as an opening act on a tour by the famous boy band New Kids on the Block in 2009. Her first own headlining tour took place one year later, she called it the “The Fame Ball Tour”. The second album, whose title was based on the first, followed in 2009: “The Fame Monster” brought eight brand new songs to the enthusiastic fans. The success went on and on – until today. but what did Stefani Germanotta do before 2008?



Photo by NicolásTM (Author), CC BY 2.0 (Licence)


This is how Lady Gaga worked her way to the top

Already as a child, Stefani began playing the piano. As a teenager she wrote her first songs and gave her first gigs in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. When she was 19, she signed a record deal with Def Jam Recordings, unfortunately it was cancelled just a few weeks later. Afterwards, the young musician met the music producer RedOne, with whom she wrote “Boys, Boys, Boys”. In 2007, the collaboration with the artist Lady Starlight began. She created her those fancy stage outfits, that are still typical for the great Lady Gaga today. The duo performed under the name “Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue”.

Stefani Germanotta has always been reaching for the stars, and in 2008 she finally made it.

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