How to successfully promote your YouTube channel and attract a new audience

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YouTube remains a top priority for beginners, who want to light their star among popular bloggers, who dwell on this platform. The network offers vast instrumental for promotion, fine analytical tools, and a possibility to communicate with the audience effectively.

There are many methods that help one to promote, and one of the sufficient opportunities to grow your blog fast is to buy cheap and real YouTube views on Socialsgrow. Alternatively you may look for YouTube channels for sale to get instant success. Of course, pushing your progress this way still requires a fine strategy that will allow you to maintain your channel at an optimal and constant pace. Here you shall find effective methods and practices which would enhance your growth on YouTube.


Another Word For Paid Promotion Services 

Usually, people think that paid promotion is simply the purchase of bots. Nowadays everybody knows that collecting bots is no use and no good for your account. However, the technology that offers the possibility for newcomers to squeeze in their desired niche, has changed and improved a lot. For a modest price, you can buy yourself an extremely effective boost for the channel. Despite the obvious comfort and simplicity, to make your purchases effective, you still need to work a lot on your channel. It is vital to be active and constantly present on your profile, so don’t think that buying stats is an easy way out. That is only a good jumpstart for your career, which has to be supported further with organic growth. So, read carefully the further material that is presented in this article, to create a working strategy for your YouTube channel.


Write Catching Titles 

A title is one of the first things that drive the attention of the user. It has to motivate people to watch your video, though you have to avoid clickbait-style. To write elegantly, ask essay writers UK for help. The information that you provide has to correspond completely to what your video is about, or else you will encounter bad watch time statistics and more dislikes than you would prefer to have. Hitmakers on YouTube are the kind of titles like “How To…” and “Top lists”. A bit hyperbolized and accentuated namings also are effective, and don’t forget about putting in at least one keyword.


Make Your Videos Visible 

Youtube is strongly connected to Google, well, owned by it. So, due to this bond, youtube videos appear in top search results on Google with a huge probability. Being a search engine itself, youtube has a perfect SEO setting that provides an increased chance to pop up on google search results. Here are some tips for powerful SEO:

  • Write keyword-rich titles and descriptions
  • Implement the keywords naturally in your speech
  • Mention the keywords verbally in your videos
  • Enter relevant tags and choose a proper category for your content
  • Control and improve the engagement rate to rank the videos higher.


All these practices help to control your visibility in and out of the platform, also increasing the Discoverability of your content by the target group.


Examine The Preferences Of Your Audience

At the very beginning of your career on YouTube, your first task is to understand who are you doing this content for and what they like to watch on YouTube. Look through the main influencers of the niche you want to enter and see which type of video is the most popular. Your primary interest would be videos that have the best engagement rate markers – many comments, likes, and shares. Also, read the comments – there you can collect lots of useful facts that characterize your audience. Knowing them will be your bonus, as you will avoid many mistakes that are typical for beginners.

As you continue your progress, you should check your uploads and detect which videos get the most positive reaction from your viewers. That should become your focus.


Dare To Experiment 

The previous paragraph guides you that choosing the trusted content which is already popular – is a sure way to grow your blog. Nevertheless, for the sake of authenticity and individuality, you can risk and introduce something new to the range of your videos. Doing so periodically shakes up your audience and revives their interest, especially if you see your stats drop down.

You can involve your viewers in the process of making the new content – simply offer them to share ideas for new formats and ask for their feedback as you upload a new episode.


Maximize Your Engagement  

Of course, success on social media is impossible without communication and engagement. And although YouTube doesn’t look particularly like a place to communicate, there are many ways to connect with the audience. Here you have likes and comments as well, as on any other social platform. Regularly responding to your comments is a must if you want to win the love of your viewers. And don’t miss out on the option of liking the comments – this way you can mark your favorites and support your fans.

Besides, sometimes comments reveal really brilliant ideas, so never neglect reading carefully.


Use Custom Thumbnails

One of the absolute “musts” is creating original thumbnails for your videos. This small picture is basically the first hook that grabs the attention of the audience on the platform. So, you have to put a lot of effort into making it. Here are the key rules for a good thumbnail:

  • Come up with minimalistic designs
  • Add bright details that will stand out on neutral backgrounds
  • Add short text, which will include at least one keyword
  • Avoid placing too many clues about the content.
  • Try to create a unified style for all your thumbnails; you can also categorize your content with the help of custom pictures.



Host Original Contests 

The main criteria of the originality would be the ideas of user-generated content that you offer to your audience. Avoid giveaways, because this method of attracting viewers isn’t considered as effective in modern strategies. So, concentrate on hosting contests and lotteries, providing much more fun and use out of them. For a successful lottery, or contest, make sure you have worthy and motivating prizes, relevant to your target group, or else you can lose the grip of interest. And don’t set them too often, or your viewers will become lazy and lose motivation for participating.


Create Series 

Another effective method for getting more viewers on YouTube is to come up with periodical content. For example, you have a channel about cooking. Hence, you can offer various options for your audience and widen the target group, creating playlists with videos for a more specific subgroup, e.g.:

  • Recipes for beginners
  • Desserts
  • World cuisines
  • Healthy food
  • Comparative analysis of different methods of cooking, etc.


By organizing your content neatly, you do a favor to your viewers, making their presence on your channel more comfortable, and people appreciate that a lot.



Introduce Live Sessions

YouTube has an option for live streaming, and you totally have to use it to increase engagement and make a stronger bond with your Subscribers. Tutorials, q&a, demonstrations, and any other kind of activity that has real-time communication as a part of the concept, will be an excellent choice for regular live sessions. This format offers a less formal way of communication that goes on organically – so you can know your audience better too. Here are some basic tips from Google that will aid you to understand how it works.



To promote a channel on YouTube you will have to do a lot of work before you actually launch your campaign. The more analysis and research you complete before you start, the higher the chance to jumpstart your growth on this network. And the significant factor which enhances your success is your passion for the subject and the charisma that you show off in your videos. Be yourself and do what you like – and your loyal crowd will inevitably find you.


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