Introduction to the Beonix 2023 Lineup: Names That Speak for Themselves


Here’s something you look forward to more than Black Friday and a brand-new gadget’s release: the BEONIX artist list for 2023. 

That’s right. We’re spilling the beans on whose surreal sets will be a feast for your ears and body during the three-day music weekend. 

In this post, we’ll not only reveal some of the DJs but also give you a chance to enjoy their unique sound.


Authors of Your 2023 Summer Soundtrack

Since the music festival is created by EDM enthusiasts for EDM enthusiasts, the BEONIX lineup has no random names. It’s just flawless.


As a teaser, we have prepared a brief profile of some of the members of the dream crew that will carry you away this September.

Maceo Plex

Known by the names: Eric Estornel (real name), Maetrik, Mariel Ito

Country: The USA


Maceo Plex is an artist and music producer who has been creating classy electronic tracks for over 20 years.

Maceo is a DJ Awards winner and a frequent guest at the most prominent global EDM events. On top of that, he’s one of the main favorites of the Ibiza club scene.

In his projects, Eric experiments with different styles, mixing not only his typical house and techno but also electro, dub, ambient, and vocals. 

Links to DJ sets:


Black Coffee

Known by the name: Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo (real name)

Country: South Africa


Black Coffee is a DJ and songwriter renowned far beyond his homeland. His skills are internationally recognized, as evidenced by several DJ Awards, Grammy, and other accolades.

Nkosinathi performed at world-famous locations such as Boiler Room, Panorama Bar, and Circoloco, and his albums went platinum many times.

Samples of South African singers and musicians are masterfully woven into his music, giving it a special flavor.

Links to DJ sets:


Paul Kalkbrenner

Known by the names: PK, Paul dB+, DJ Ickarus

Country: Germany


Paul is a Berlin techno legend widely recognized for his live performances. Apart from his DJing activity, he’s an electronic music producer, musician, and actor.

A fun fact about Paul is he starred in the movie “Berlin Calling” as a DJ and created a terrific soundtrack for the film. 

PK regularly makes the Top 100 DJ list, according to DJ Mag, and his releases are lavishly praised by respected music magazines, such as Billboard and Rolling Stone.


Links to DJ sets:


Stephan Bodzin

Known by the names: HENNON, Alchemist

Country: Germany


Stephan is a professional musician with a classical education who began his career as a theater composer.  

His love of electronic music, along with the classical base, helped him create incomparable melodic dance tracks with a touch of techno, minimal techno, and trance.

In addition to his own successful albums, he produced numerous triumphant projects, including Thomas Schumacher, Marc Romboy, and Elektrochemie.

Links to DJ sets:


Luna Semara

Country: France

This extraordinary French-born artist moved to Germany in the 90s, where she was inspired by the best examples of local techno music. No wonder her first EP came out on Stephan Bodzin’s label.

Luna is not only a DJ and producer; she’s an exquisite vocalist and often uses her captivating voice in her sets.

After establishing herself as a vibrant performer, Luna co-founded the Petit matin label to help new talents and like-minded individuals spread the beauty of electronic music. 


Links to DJ sets:


Oliver Huntemann

Country: Germany

Oliver is an electro performer and producer who has been greatly contributing to the world’s electronic scene. His techno label Senso Sounds lights up new bright EDM stars.

Oliver is always on the road. In addition to Europe, he tours different parts of the world and introduces international audiences to his music, imbued with the spirit of the places he comes from. 

Huntemann’s works strike a chord with their austerity, minimalism, and straightforwardness.


Links to DJ sets:


Jan Blomqvist

Country: Germany


Jan is talented in all his manifestations: as a clubsoul performer, as the leader of an electro-pop band, and, of course, as a techno DJ.

Blomqvist is one of the most sought-after electronic artists at live shows and fests. He’s very welcome at Coachella, Burning Man, and Sola Festival.

Jan is meticulous about his music, thinking out each of the tracks to the smallest detail. His recipe for the perfect dance mix includes deep house with a tiny bit of rock and R’n’B, clingy melodies, and awe-inspiring vocals. 

Links to DJ sets:


Come and Get More at Beonix 2023

We’ve just scratched the surface. The complete list of performers at the Cypriot electronic music festival doesn’t end there. 

More than 50 DJs will accompany you on your journey to the 9th Planet. The unearthly performances will unfold on 3 stages, and the fest location will create a sense of transcendence. 

Birds of a feather will flock together on September 22-24 at ETKO in Limassol, Cyprus.

Meanwhile, you can pass the time listening to the 2023 lineup artists and warmly recalling Beonix 2022.



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