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Fast-rising Parisian trio Keep Dancing Inc are ready to have their breakthrough moment with their second studio album, A Taste Of Possibility.

Written on the tranquil coast of Brittany, Keep Dancing Inc’s new album A Taste Of Possibility sits somewhere between Haim, LCD Soundsystem and Clairo. The lead single Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” is a haunting, minimalist romantic ballad in which Gabrielle – on the trio’s drums – takes the lead vocal. The second album follows their first record Embrace which was released in 2020 and includes the single Could U Stop” which received critical acclaim.

The trio consists of Gabrielle, Joseph and Louis born and bred in the heart of Paris and they are the epitome of French Indie. The three met in high school and have now developed a sound that is as catchy as much as it’s upbeat and the lyrics simply stick with you. With their latest album, they prove that they are here to stay. And this is just the beginning.

Keep Dancing Inc sits down with 1883 to chat about the album, their favourite spots in Paris and more.

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Let’s start with talking about your second album A Taste Of Possibility that’s out now. What songs are you most excited about for listeners to hear?

Louis: I think it would be either ’96’ or the ‘Pollination Nation Invasion’. Because I think they’re a bit different from what we’ve done. I’m very proud of the arrangements and of how we produced both of them.

Joseph: I would say ’96’ as well because it’s just a strange track. I think with the drum patterns and the new order, melody and vibe. It’s just really weird. I think it’s cool.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind” is also from the new album! I love that one! How was the process of writing the album?

Joseph: Every song has its own story. It can be Gabby or I can bring in an instrumental. We also have another way where we all jump together in the room. A song just creates itself. It depends on each track.

Do you have a favourite lyrics that you’ve written for the album?

Gabby: I think for me, it’s the lyrics that we wrote for “Radio”: ‘She’s lasting like a cancer, comes back all the time.’ It sticks with you. When there’s a girl and you’re just like, fuck it. Forget about her.

Your lyrics and your songs are very catchy. So I’m excited for everyone to hear the album. What’s the story of your band in general? How did you guys end up together?

Joseph: We were friends from high school. The band is getting old because it’s almost been nine years. We have been through some changes over the nine years. There was a former guy from the band. His name was Charles, and then I joined and then Gabby joined and then Charles left. So we were 2, 3, 4 and then three again. It became very serious with the first album which was in 2020. Because we were searching for our sound for ourselves.

Now you’re the dream team! Have you performed live before? 

Yeah, lots.

all looks AMI PARIS
all looks AMI PARIS

What are your favourite venues to perform in, especially in Paris? I need some tips to go. I’m going in two weeks.

The last show we played was opening for a band called PVA. That was the last show we did. And venue-wise, Trabendo is a good one.

I think I wanted to see Role Model there in 2022!

The venue isn’t too big, it fits about 500 to 600 people. Or maybe only 100 people or something? There’s also Point Ephémère which is the same size in terms of people and it’s cool because it’s by the canal. So when it’s springtime or summer and when you’re at the canal after the show, it’s nice. It’s amazing and it’s also super nice to play because the stage is very high, compared to others. It’s so nice to be super high. You feel very powerful. I remember the first time we played there.

What are your dream venues to perform at?

Joseph: The new venue in Las Vegas is called Sphere.

Gabby: Think for me, it would be Red Rocks. I mean the Colosseum in Italy would be perfect too. Basically, open-air. Pretty beautiful.

Yeah, there’s one in Munich as well. It’s called Olympia Park. Taylor Swift will play there this year! Who inspires you the most musically?

Charles: I think I would say New Order and the Smiths. 

Joseph: It’s something that we always say. We like big bands that combine rock and electronic.

all looks HUGO
all looks HUGO

Let’s talk about your performance at the BBC in London. How was that for you? What was the experience like?

Charles: Going to the main building of the BBC was amazing. Just seeing all the rooms with all the journalists. You feel like this is probably one of the best, of the most well-informed rooms in the world and what was very funny, we had to do little covers with football supporters and chant. It was funny to adapt to them in a way to a very stripped-down set. Even though it felt a bit scary to play in front of 100,000 people. It went so fast and the host was so nice as well. It went very smoothly.

How do you like London?

Joseph: London is strange. Paris is so small compared to London because London is huge. Every time I go to London I feel kind of lost. I feel like if I want to change the road I have to travel very far and that’s weird coming from Paris where everything is next to each other. That kind of freaks me out every time I go. But other than that it’s cool. 

Charles: Joseph said how vast London is. I’ve been there quite a lot now and now I can map it and it feels more reassuring in way too. I love it, there’s something in the atmosphere that’s different. 

Joseph: One thing that I like in London, is I feel like it’s international. There are a lot of nationalities. 

Joseph: Yeah and that’s pretty crazy. It’s probably one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Britain.

Speaking about Paris, what are your favourite spots?

Gabby: Most of them are food places. Chambre Noir. There’s also another place that has tacos called Furia. They are nice places to have the Parisian experience.

Joseph: Paris is like, there’s a Borth and the South. The North is à droite and the South is la gauche. There’s nothing there. Maybe if you want to go out and do stuff at night, you cannot go to the South. It’s very good for the day if you want to do things because there are a lot of things to do and see. That’s the first thing you need to know when you go to Paris. Stay in the North. It’s better if you want to go out.

I know Paris a little bit because I’ve lived there for six months in 2021. I love Shakespeare and Company! It’s my favourite place in the world.

Joseph: Recently, it’s crowded. There’s a huge line all the time. 

Charles: I think it was already a bit like that. The weekends are out of control. I think in the last episode of Sex and the City, at the end of the series, she goes to Shakespeare and Company or she passes by.

It’s really popular but I just love it! Let’s talk about where you see yourself in five years?

Joseph: Doing massive tours around the world and playing the national anthem in a football stadium or at the Olympics.

Gabby: I think the same. We can tour a lot with this album and release a third album. My dream would be to try out a tour bus.

Charles: Yes, that’s a good one.

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And what is an advice that you live by?

Gabby: Your body is a temple. You are what you eat. [Laughs] The basic thing, is don’t give up on your dreams. We’re still 27 and 28 and still doing what we were dreaming of when we were 10, 11 years old and we were like one day when we’re in high school we’re gonna have a band.

On the side, I’m a graphic designer to make a living sometimes and I still like doing music even if I make less money. At the end of the day, I get more benefits and it’s more healthy to do it. But I would rather live with less money and do what I love, rather than earn a lot of money and do something that makes me depressed. Of course, sometimes I’m just going to be a slave to the computer and work for a month to be like, “Oh, I can buy this.”

Yeah, I get it! Money is just a tool in the end. It gives you more freedom and flexibility.

And you can buy musical instruments. [Laughs]

What is something that you want to manifest for yourselves this year? Could be musically but also in your personal life.

Charles: Touring enough and make the biggest tour possible and see as many places as possible as well.

Joseph: And for my personal life, get off social media a bit more and spend less time on my phone. That’s one of my goals for 2024. Be more present in the real world with people I love.

all looks HUGO
all looks HUGO

A Taste of Possibility is out now.

Interview Maja Bebber
Photography David Reiss
Styling Olga Timofejeva
Grooming Sven Bayerbach
Make-Up Katie Moore

Header Image: all looks AMI PARIS

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