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Making a Fashion Statement is Easy with DNA Belts!

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The right belt is a finishing touch to an outfit, but you have to pick your belt right.

A wrong choice can totally ruin the stylish look. That is, you can’t just wear a belt on anything you want and expect compliments!

But, if you don’t know where to start, then keep reading. Below, we’ll discuss men and women’s DNA belts, and how to make them work!


First – Picking DNA Belts

Start by ensuring that the belt works with your style. Don’t pick a belt that gives a contrasting impression to your outfit.

While belts do seem to add versatility, they actually require accuracy. In fact, finding the correct belt is harder than picking a pair of shoes!

Start by finding your personal style. Look for what you want in an outfit. Then, seek a belt that’ll heighten or enhance your style.

Don’t force the DNA belt to match your outfit!


Second – Where Can You Wear DNA Belts?

Women’s DNA belts can work for a variety of events. And you have much more variety in terms of what you can pick!

You can wear them during the daytime. Or, you can opt to use them for a night out at a club!

Whatever the choice may be, you’ll have a dazzling accessory that matches well with sunlight and night lights!

The same applies to men. Men’s DNA belts are an excellent casual wear item, and can be worn during day and night time!


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Third – Consider Trying DNA Rhinestone Belts

DNA rhinestone belts can be categorized in a multitude of ways.

You can try an all-black style. Or, maybe you can attempt a colorful belt with a chromatic snakeskin strap.

There’s a wide variety of options to try. But if you’re going for a rhinestone option, then we recommend a gold belt.

After all, rhinestone belts do look like a piece of jewelry!

Gold rhinestone belts immediately attract attention. They bring all eyes to you. Plus, they look more modern, unlike all-black styles which look classic.

If you’re not comfortable with gold, then try different color combinations.


Pick the Correct Width

For women with long torsos, try a thick waist belt. It’ll shorten your upper body giving it more proportion.

For short-waist women, thin belts work best, since they keep the midsection more exposed (also fixing proportion).


Finally – Some Belting Tips

First, never belt tops. Those include untucked sweaters, shirts, blouses, tunics, and cardigans. It gives you an aged look that’s awkward overall.

Next, don’t wear belts for jeans and pants that rest well on your hips. The belt will slip often, and you’ll spend a lot of your day keeping it adjusted.

You can wear them with bland dresses for a little more shape. Though try not to stuff excess fabric around your waist.

Finally, belts are excellent to wear with skirts. They work high waist skirts, as long as they’re not in the skirt band’s middle!

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