Over a cup of tea, and with a certain British charm, Toby Sebastian speaks to 1883 about creative inspiration, collaborating with his sister Florence Pugh and how he’s learning to trust the process.

1883 Magazine sits down with Maggie Lindemann to chat about HEADSPLIT, where she’s at in her career, and what’s to come for this new era of music.

The collection "Komspolíta" captures the essence of a cultural fusion, blending Italian, German, and Latin American influences into a vibrant tapestry of style and identity.

Following the release of Traumatic Livelihood and in the midst of a mini UK acoustic tour, 1883 sits down with Jazmin Bean to chat about the record.

Trapped within love’s confinement, Ladybyrd releases the beautifully anguished notes of her new single, "Open Cage."What’s left in the heart is an inner battle—a struggle between the desire to nurture a flickering flame, despite the

Extraordinary’s rising star Máiréad Tyers has a lot to be celebrating - especially thanks to her first leading role, which happens to be her first major role ever, proving she’s anything but ordinary. 

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