No Deposit or Low Wager Bonus: What is Better?

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These days gamblers have a lot of bonuses to choose from, claim and use. These come in all flavours and they are impressive lack of a better word. Today we are going to stay focused on no deposit bonuses and low wagering promotions. Which is better and more suitable for players? Well, the situation is not as easy or simple as you may assume.

No Deposit Bonuses Explained

No deposit bonuses are very interesting and they have been extremely popular among players from all countries. What this means is that as a new player you will create an account at an online casino. Then, you will claim the no deposit bonus. As you can see, it is precise as the name suggests. It is one of the most popular options UK players search and there are many different no deposit bonus casinos not on GamStop on NonGamStopBets which may be interesting for players who want to claim one. The casino will give you the bonus without you having to deposit any funds. Typically, these come in the form of free spins for slots or free money.

Once you get the bonus you can use it for selected games. As stated above, free spins can be used on slots but on selected slots only. Free money is more versatile. You can use it on the slots, table games, and more.


Low Wager Bonuses Explained

Each bonus you claim at the online casino will come with wagering requirements. These can be 20 times, 35 times, or anything similar. What this means is that you have to bet a specific number of times before you can withdraw your winnings.

Let’s take an example in which you will deposit £100. You will get a 100% deposit match hence you will end up with £200 to play. If the wagering requirements are high, let’s say 30 times, you must be 30 times and win £6000 or more before you can withdraw the winnings. It is important to add that most casino bonuses come with wagering requirements. This applies to no deposit bonuses as well. The number of how many times you must bet varies and each casino is different.

Now, let’s imagine a casino that has a bonus with low wagering requirements. These can be as low as 1. This means that you have to bet your bonus only once. You can probably see the appeal.

No Deposit Bonus VS Low Wager Bonus

At the end of the day, all bonuses you can claim come with pros and cons. No deposit bonuses are very beneficial and they are literally free money hence you enjoy them. You can win the jackpot, bet additional 30 times in smaller amounts and withdraw millions from the casino hence they can be profitable. These are also great for new players who want to test a casino or a game and they can do that for free. Once again, you never know when or how much you will win.

The downsides are that no deposit bonuses are rare and there are no a lot of casinos offering them at the moment, but you can easily find how to claim them if you visit a proper site. They may come with high wagering requirements which can be a problem for some players. Also, these offers are very limited and they can be used for a couple of slots or a few games at the casino.

Low wager bonuses are ideal if you want to get a high amount of money and you want to use it wisely. This is the best term that explains free money from the casino and as such it allows you to win easily. In other words, you can win a smaller amount of money or a larger one and withdraw it without any severe losses. Low wagering bonuses are always a better choice than the ones with high wagering requirements. While these come with a 1-time wagering requirement, ordinary ones can come up to 99 times. This is a huge advantage and one that some players have been using for a long period of time. For those who are still looking for the best bonuses of this kind and all other promotions that may be a stunning choice.

The drawbacks are that low wagering requirements are also rare. You will need some time to find an online casino that offers them. These can be much smaller match deposit bonuses compared to conventional ones.

There is one thing here that we just love. It is the fact no deposit, no wager bonuses do exist. These are the best of both worlds. What this means is that you can get free spins or free money from the casino without any wagering requirements or very low ones, like 1 time. In simple terms, you can use the bonus as many times as you like or just once, win and withdraw the winnings. There are no limitations of any kind.

The Final Word

All we can add here is that no deposit bonuses are appealing and very desirable. The same thing applies to low wager bonuses. Usually, most competitive markets in Europe do everything to attract new players and you should easily find these offers. You may want to claim both of these and boost your odds of winning. It is possible and it is actually something professional gamblers have been using for decades. At the end of the day, these two are some of the best bonuses you can get while gambling online and they are usually reserved for well-known, popular, and amazing online casinos.

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