Perks of Holiday Cottages

Cornwall, England, is a favourite holiday destination among UK residents. The county has received the top spot in the British Travel Awards for the last eight years, and tourists flock yearly.

Tourism is the most significant growth sector in Cornwall, with a growth prediction of an increase of 3.8% each year till 2025.

With the rise of booking sites, holiday cottages remain a popular option for Cornwall Holidays. Even though there are many options like motels, campsites, and resorts, staying in a cottage can be a memorable experience. If one looks forward to exploring Cornwall in the best possible way, holiday cottages offer fantastic perks to the tourists.



Hotels are convenient for travellers as one can get everything inside the premises. However, a tourist can never experience the local feel of Cornwall inside the hotel.

Unlike resorts, holiday cottages are not all-inclusive. Therefore, tourists need to venture out and find all their requirements. Holiday homes can enrich the experience of tourists and give them a fulfilling holiday time. Tourists also experience local cuisine, offbeat places, and Cornwall culture.



Although hotels are convenient, some people like to do things their way. The timings for food and recreation are permanently fixed in hotels, like breakfast at 8 am and lunch buffet at noon.

Arriving late can mean the end of delicacies. Nobody wants to rush to eat every morning during their holiday. In addition, housekeeping staff need their time to clean the room while the guest hovers around.

However, holiday cottages are convenient for idyllic guests. They can have breakfast on their terms and move out for adventure anytime. Even a siesta at four won’t be disturbed.


Home Comforts

Although travelling can be an enriching experience, people start to miss their homes after a few days. Hotels cannot offer homely comforts, making the room feel like a cubicle. Therefore, holiday cottages are the best option for travellers looking for a relaxing time in Cornwall.

The cottages have all the homely amenities like a fully-functioning kitchen, terrace, living room, patio, and even parking space. Holiday cottages can also provide objects according to guests’ requirements to make them feel at home.


Space and Privacy

Tourists can encounter crowds during the summer in Cornwall. The hotels and streets are packed with tourists, and one may need peace and privacy during their vacation.

Roughly five million people visit Cornwall annually, with 210,000 visitors during the tourist season. Hotels can feel cramped if there are large groups or if the rooms are small. The holiday may feel exhaustive, and the trip might get ruined.

However, holiday cottages can save travellers from this and provide a relaxing Cornwall holiday experience. People can spend quality time in large spaces and enjoy private time in bedrooms. Holiday cottages offer the best of both worlds to Cornwall travellers.



The menu in a hotel is usually the same. Travellers will get the same menu for the entirety of their stay, which can get boring. It is a significant issue for travellers who love food. However, a holiday cottage will solve the food problem.

Cottage owners provide the guests with brochures for the nearby eateries, top food spots, secret restaurants of locals, top eateries, and dessert bars to tickle the taste buds. In addition, holiday cottages come equipped with a fully-functioning kitchen with the best local ingredients. Therefore, guests can practice their culinary skills while admiring the scenic beauty of Cornwall.


Final Thoughts

62% of Britons spend their leisure time vacationing in Cornwall annually. Therefore, holiday cottages can provide an authentic holiday experience to travellers. Cottages have many amenities to offer when compared to luxury hotels. The reasonable prices, great privacy, scenic views, and convenience are reasons enough for a person to choose a cottage for their Cornwall visit.


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