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The Best Gambling Museums to Visit in Your Travels

If you love to travel, are a fan of gambling, and appreciate history, there’s no reason that you can’t combine them for an interesting vacation experience. Much of gambling history is preserved in museums and historical sites. Visiting the best gambling museums and historical sites will give you a greater appreciation for today’s gambling industry. Consider the information below as you plan your next trip.


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Today’s Gambling Landscape

Right now, online casinos are growing each year and feature numerous types of games that players participate in. Players today have several options for both traditional and modern casino games. Registering for an online casino at Paddy Power Games makes it possible for players to participate in online games of poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and other games. Players have more than 1,000 slot options.

This landscape is vastly different from earlier days of gambling history. Here are some of the museums that have chronicled this history in detail.


Dai Loy Gambling House Museum

Every culture has its own gambling history, style, and specific games of chance. Dai Loy Gambling House Museum preserves the physical space and artifacts from the original Sacramento casino. This casino opened in 1915 before closing in 1950.

It existed during major points of immigration and western migration in the United States. The casino was run by Chinese immigrants and shined a light on their games of chance, culture, and experience in America at the time. Some of the popular casino games played during the run of Dai Loy include Fan Tan and Pai Ngow.

This gambling house is one of many of its kind during this stretch of history. Victoria’s Chinatown library details the history of Fan Tan and other games that its Chinese immigrants enjoyed several miles north during the same time period.

When you visit this historical site, you will get the chance to walk around the gaming floor space arranged true to life to the original. It includes plenty of artefacts and photos.


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The Neon Museum

For years, Las Vegas has been known as a city that is lit up around the clock. This isn’t a reputation that was gained overnight. Vegas has long been home to many casinos, many of which have shaped gambling around the world.

The Neon Museum is an outdoor museum that features several casino signs that have been preserved over the years. This non-profit organization is dedicated to teaching the history of Vegas. It gives tourists a chance to see how the designs have changed over the years, and which casinos were the major players during different eras. Vegas Changes’ defunct casino list can give you a starting point for your research to add context. These are the businesses that propelled the evolution of this city, making them well worth a visit.


Nevada Gambling Museum

Finally, the Nevada Gambling Museum features several preserved gambling machines. This is a fascinating museum to tour since it gives you an idea of how machines were built before they were digital or even electric.

You’ll see how the styles of slot machines, casino tables, decor, and other casino fixtures changed and evolved over the years. It gives you a glimpse of the old Nevada that you can appreciate as a low-key itinerary point on your Vegas vacation. This tour also puts the rapid growth of the city and gambling as a whole into perspective.


Gambling History, Preserved

These museums and non-profit organizations have done a lot to preserve the history of gambling. If you are someone who appreciates this hobby, these destinations would be a welcome addition to any vacation that you’re planning. Add these to your list so that you can soak in the history and let it inform the present state of gambling.

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