Unique Ways to Embrace Solar Energy in Your Daily Life Living In The Sunshine State

Solar panels Florida open up multiple options beyond providing clean energy to your home. If you are thinking about having solar installed, consider these great ways it can enhance your daily life. 

Solar Energy From Your Home

Consider these popular ways to use solar for your daily life.

Supplemental Power

Many Florida homeowners choose to add panels to their homes to augment grid power and keep energy costs down. With many tax credits, rebates, and other incentives available, this can be an excellent strategy. 

Emergency Backup

Florida tends to get hit by hurricanes more than some other states, and the power outages they cause can last for days or longer. A solar panel system with an emergency generator helps keep your home systems and appliances operational until grid power is restored. 

Solar Power for an Outbuilding

When considering solar panels Florida homeowners should consider how they can also power accessories and outbuildings. In fact, adding solar to a shed or pool cabana can be more efficient than extending your home’s traditional electric service. 

A small building likely needs only a fraction of the power that your home uses. Therefore, it can be more effective to run it off of solar.

Solar EV Charging

One of the primary reasons drivers choose to purchase an electric vehicle is for their lower environmental impact. You can take that benefit to another level by installing a solar car charger for your EV. 

Something to keep in mind is that EV batteries use a tremendous amount of power, so you will need substantial storage if you plan to charge it overnight. However, you might be able to use a smaller battery if you can plug it in during daylight hours. Either way, you’ll want to size the system to match your car’s battery size and driving patterns. 

Solar-Powered Water Features

Solar can be used for more than generating electricity for your home. For example, the heat from panels is an effective tool for heating water. Consider these ways solar can enhance the water features around your home. 

Pool Heaters

Heating your Florida pool water with a solar heater is an excellent way to enjoy warm swimming conditions year-round without adding to your power bill. Solar collectors store heat that transfers to water passing over them. This returns to the pool at a comfortable temperature. 

Water Heaters

Solar water heaters take this an additional step by storing hot water in tanks for later use. While you can use a solar water heater for all of your hot water needs, many people choose this as a supplement for mostly daytime use. 

Landscape Water Features

You can power many different types of landscape water features off of solar power. Some will operate directly off their own miniature systems, while others can derive power from your large rooftop or ground-mount system. Fountains and birdbaths are just a couple of the options to consider. A Clearwater solar installer can help you find effective ways to enhance your landscape with solar power.  

Solar is a versatile form of clean energy. It can help to enhance your landscape, heat water, and serve as an emergency backup system. Contact a local solar installer to see what it can do for you.

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