What casino mechanics are used in video games?

Mechanics from curacao casinos accepting uk players are increasingly used in modern video games, adding an element of excitement and novelty to the gameplay. These elements can range from simple mini-games to complex systems that affect the game’s economy and player strategies. We have prepared some of the most common examples

Slot machines and spinning the wheel of fortune

One of the most popular mechanics borrowed from casinos is the use of slot machines and the wheel of fortune. These items are often found in games as a way to obtain rare items, bonuses, or game currency. Examples include:

  • Daily Bonuses: Players can spin the wheel every day to receive a random reward.
  • Mini-Games: Some RPG and adventure games feature mini-games on slot machines where players can try their luck.

Top 10 popular slot mechanics used in video games

Video games often use elements and mechanics inspired by popular slots. These mechanics add excitement and variety, making the gameplay even more fun. Here are the top 10 popular slots from the popular lucky manor casino , the mechanics of which are reflected in video games:

  1. Starburst – This cosmic slot from NetEnt, with its exploding wilds and re-spins, inspired the creation of mini-games with similar bonuses and effects.
  2. Gonzo’s Quest – NetEnt’s Avalanche mechanic, where symbols fall from above rather than spinning on the reels, is used in puzzle and adventure games to create dynamic combinations.
  3. Book of Ra – The search for ancient treasures in this Novomatic slot inspired the creation of quests and adventure games with similar themes of exploring pyramids and ancient tombs.
  4. Mega Moolah – The progressive jackpot of this Microgaming slot is reflected in video games where players can collect resources or points to win big prizes.
  5. Immortal Romance – The theme of vampires and the mystical atmosphere of this slot inspired game creators to introduce similar storylines and symbols.
  6. Thunderstruck II – Northern Mythology and the multi-level bonus system of this slot are used in RPG and action games, where players have to go through various challenges to receive rewards.
  7. Dead or Alive – The Wild West and its paraphernalia in this NetEnt slot inspired the creation of video games with cowboys, duels and hunting for wanted criminals.
  8. Twin Spin – The unique mechanics of connecting reels in this slot is reflected in puzzle games where you need to connect elements to achieve better results.
  9. Bonanza – Big Time Gaming’s Megaways mechanic, which offers thousands of ways to win, has inspired video games with varying difficulty levels and multiple paths to achieving the goal.
  10. Pirates’ Plenty – The pirate theme and treasure hunt in this slot are reflected in sea adventure games where players explore the oceans, battle other ships and search for sunken treasure.

These slots and their unique mechanics have inspired video game developers to create exciting and unpredictable gaming experiences, making each game a unique experience for players.

Random rewards and betting systems

Betting on the outcome of battles or competitions is another mechanic borrowed from casinos. In video games, this can take the form of betting on the results of PvP competitions or even virtual races. This adds an extra layer of strategy and risk, making the gameplay more exciting.

Card games

Many video games include card games as a gameplay element, borrowing mechanics from poker, blackjack and baccarat. Players are offered not only entertainment within the main game, but also the opportunity to win in-game resources or items. Examples:

  • Gwent in The Witcher 3: A full-fledged card game with its own rules and tournaments.
  • Blackjack in “Fallout: New Vegas”: Players can play blackjack in the casinos of post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

Drawing attention to gambling

Introducing casino elements into video games not only diversifies the gaming experience, but can also attract the attention of players to the world of real gambling. This opens up new horizons for casino developers and operators by offering virtual versions of popular games or collaborations with video games for mutual promotion.


The integration of casino mechanics into video games shows how different forms of entertainment can interact and enrich each other, offering players new and exciting ways to test their luck and strategic thinking. Such elements add variety to the gaming experience and may even inspire players to explore gambling in a broader context, emphasizing the importance of moderation and responsible gambling.

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