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Why is Neoprene used in Aviator Jackets?

The aviator jacket is a classic garment that radiates rugged masculinity and endless charm.

This sporty outerwear staple was initially designed for fighter pilots, but it soon emerged as a powerful pop culture symbol with a cult following of its own. Aviator jackets have a long history of reigning over the men’s leather jacket trend radar, retaining the position of a timeless classic for decades.

Today, the men’s aviator jacket has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a sturdy and durable garment suitable for high-altitude flying. It comes in a dashing variety of styles, and its athleisure appeal blends seamlessly well with smart casual attire.

The joy of owning an aviator jacket lies entirely in the functionality of this outerwear staple. This military-grade jacket features premium-quality neoprene to ensure warmth and comfort in the coldest of temperatures. It’s a lightweight jacket that packs up a hefty dose of warmth, making it the only garment you truly need on your outdoor adventures.

Luxury buyers often wonder, why are aviator jackets crafted with neoprene? Keep reading to discover the benefits of this high-functioning fabric.


Lightweight Layer of Protection

Since it was first introduced, the aviator jacket has existed as a super-functional garment, and the style savviness is simply the cherry on top. The jacket is typically designed with premium-grade leather, sheepskin wool, or other luxurious fabrics. However, neoprene inserts create magic by carving out a solid layer of protection between our bodies and the weather elements.

You see, neoprene is added to aviator jackets to provide robust insulation against a wide array of environmental conditions. Neoprene ensures superior comfort while climbing mountains, embarking on weeks-long treks, engaging in aerial activities, or simply combatting harsh weather conditions. Interestingly, neoprene also puts an end to breathability, maximizing the snug warmth of the interior lining.

The aviator jacket features a waist-length silhouette, with neoprene inserts embedded deep within the interior lining. It comes with a tailored hem, elasticated cuffs, and a sleek button closure with fixed collars to protect the throat.


Neoprene: Warmth & Durability

British leather maestro Leslie Irvin designed the first aviator jacket, which he began supplying to the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. As the operational height of the fighter jets and aircraft began increasing, the demand for sturdier and more durable aviator gear soared higher.

The initial design of the aviator jacket went under multiple innovations and improvements. Aircraft pilots and cabin crew required jackets featuring thick materials and heavily insulated layers. The body of the revised design was manufactured with pure wool after extensive boiling to deliver additional warmth. The sleeves, waistbands, and wrists are crafted with leather, lining the interior with silks, cotton, or wool.

Over the years, the aviator jacket has been refurbished, reinvented, and redesigned with multiple iterations and styles. Manufacturers have lined these swanky jackets with rubber, polyester, and all kinds of materials until they found the perfect fit: neoprene.

Neoprene, a more popular name for polychloroprene, quickly took after the market for insulated gear for cold, wet, and harsh weather conditions. Neoprene is incredibly versatile, with superior elasticity to rubber. It protects the body against moisture, and its stretchiness makes it ideal for sharp tailoring.

Neoprene is added to aviator jackets to increase insulation and heat retention and keep all weather conditions outside the warmth of the garment. Neoprene is a fiber derived from petrochemicals, which is why it packs up superior heat retention capabilities. This synthetic fiber is an excellent choice for outerwear to combat the chilly winds without cramping your style.


A Timeless Classic

Aviator jackets that feature neoprene inserts are investments that will last a lifetime. You see, neoprene supports superior durability and provides robust insulation against the biting cold. Are you an outdoor lover, always on the hunt for an exhilarating adventure? If yes, an aviator jacket manufactured with neoprene will be your trusted companion, keeping you warm, snug, and active.

 Manufacturers and fashion observers are always fascinated by the formability and functionality of neoprene. It’s a synthetic fabric, and unlike most woven materials, neoprene is formed and can be molded to any shape and size. Fashion designers and craftspeople who design and stitch with neoprene have much to say about its formability, shapeliness, and durability.

The smart fit of an aviator jacket is best complemented with the durability and insulated warmth of neoprene. 


Final Thoughts

We urge you to invest in a swanky aviator jacket – a garment that combines style savviness with comfort in a timeless design. It’s a versatile classic that will serve as a fabulous addition to your athleisure and smart casual attire. You can flaunt it with button-downs and t-shirts with seamless ease, making it ideal for smooth style transitions.




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