18 Questions with The Mysterines

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The Mysterines are having a year that some bands dream of. The alt-rock group spent last year riding the wave from their critically acclaimed debut album Reeling, a body of work that showcased the band’s knack for weaving together intricate lyricism with powerful sonics. This year alone they’ve already hit some major highs after spending their spring opening up for the iconic Brit band Arctic Monkeys and releasing their new single “Begin Again,” aptly written during a full moon.

1883 Magazine sits down with The Mysterines to ask 18 questions about their music, touring, fashion, and more.



What’s one exciting thing that happened to you this week?

I’m not sure how exciting this is to other people… Just when I thought the world was over, I found a pretty much untouched deck of Marlboro Golds in a red leather jacket I’ve not worn for a while. You’ve gotta appreciate the little things, count your blessings and all that. 


What was the last thing you read?

At the moment, I’ve found I’m reading a lot of poetry and short stories. I find it quite stimulating to lose myself for a brief moment in lots of tiny fleeting universes. Kind of like you’re driving fast through a place you’ve never been before. I was also recently gifted Alison Mosshart’s Car, Ma by a very good friend of mine, which I have been enjoying too. 


Favorite memory growing up?

Constantly being surrounded by music, by art, by creatives. Growing up was a bit like a travelling circus for me in that respect haha. 


Where was the last place you traveled to?

Paris. I love it there. 



What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Probably something stupid me and the boys did on tour. I promise we’re not always getting into trouble… haha. 


What’s your night time ritual?

I’m a bit of a vampire in all honesty. I get a lot of excited creative energy from the nighttime. I’ll usually be writing or roaming around waiting to see what the carnival of the evening will bring. 


Who would be on your dream dinner party guest list?

David Lynch… I don’t think I’d invite anyone else, maybe Cher. 


Favorite quote from a film or TV show?

“Hereeeeee’s Johnny!” – The Shining


What’s your go-to karaoke song?

I wouldn’t say I’m an avid karaoke goer. I did  perform a duet of “Last Night” by The Strokes with Paul at a karaoke bar in China Town one time. Let’s just say I’m not rushing to go back and do it again. 


Favorite item in your closet?

My Playboy leather jacket.



Tell us about your latest single “Begin Again” – what’s the inspo behind it?

“Begin Again” is an expression of tapping into other forces bigger than ourselves. Allowing yourself to put fear behind, explore the unknown, sit comfortably in the uncomfortable, in a reality where you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen next. Think Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, taking his guests on that boat ride in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 


Where is the best place to listen to “Begin Again”? 

In outer space. 


In a few short words, describe your music for someone that’s never heard it.

I’m sure you can find a much more suitable answer written by a music journalist. I think I saw it described as “music for vampires” one time… let’s stick to that.


How has tour been with Arctic Monkeys?

It’s been incredible. I mean, what a band. Super grateful to have been able to share that time with them and The Hives… The shows were a lot of fun. 


What’s been your favorite tour moment so far? 

There’s been a fair few that we will remember for a long time. Haha. I have a funny one including The Hives actually. Chris (drummer of The Hives) had been given my number, as we were all meant to be meeting up on a day off to have a few drinks and go out etc… Anyway, my phone rings and I answer it… “HELLO, LIA! THIS IS CHRISTIAN. FROM THE SWEDISH ROCK N ROLL BAND THE HIVES!” – I just thought that was the best phone introduction I’d ever heard. I’ll forever have to introduce them as “the Swedish rock n roll band The Hives.” 



What other bands/musicians inspire you when you’re making music?

I’m constantly inspired. I mean of course, I couldn’t think of an artist who isn’t constantly listening to music, or trying to inspire themselves through other art forms. You know, that’s how the wheel of art continues spinning. It’d be a sad day for the artist who decides they’ve seen it all. If you’re asking for specifics we’ll be here a while but, I’ve been listening to a lot of Sparklehorse at the moment, Beck… I also think Grian Chatten’s new record is great – especially “Fairlies.” I’ve had that on a lot. 


What movie or TV show do you think your music would fit on the soundtrack? 

I’d love to be a part of doing something like that one day. Some of my favourite records are soundtracks. I think working with Alejandro Jodorowsky would be a dream come true. Although, I reckon our new record fits the sound of a Jan Svankmayer stop motion film more so… 


Where do you hope your music career takes you this year and beyond?

The most important thing for me right now, and us as a band, is remaining present in the art and the record we’re creating. I guess figuratively we’re on a journey to Oz to meet the wizard currently… I hope he prefers Playboy jackets to ruby red slippers.



Begin Again is out now.


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