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What Are the Most Popular Cities in the World for Shooting Films?

Over the years, the setting has become an integral part of the plot in a number of films. Directors are often fussy about the backdrop of the movie and, if they don’t get it right, it can throw everything else out of sync. Some cities are used purely for visuals, but others can be used […]

How Much Should You Spend on a Car?

We live in a world today where everything seems much more attainable.   Our grandparents are quick to remind us about how a pound of rice used to cost a couple of pennies in their day, but did they also  have cell phones, which pretty much everyone owns today? Did they also have the luxury […]

What Is a Healthy CBD Dosage for Diabetes: Everything You Need to Know

CBD products are all the rage, and studies prove that they can help with a variety of ailments from stress to joint pain. But did you know that CBD can also help with diabetes symptoms and prevention?   Knowing the right CBD dosage for diabetes is important for it to be truly effective. Let’s look […]