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Tommy Genesis

As we near the end of the year one can’t help but look back and reflect on the music that come out this year. If you ask me its been a strong year of music across the board. While they have been some strong entries in terms of debuts, they have also been some strong […]

Tom Brittney

When you have the opportunity to interview one of your friends, the interaction can go in one of two directions: either you both remain professional and acknowledge the good fortune of being able to do what you love for a living in the same space at the same time, or you freefall into conversational chaos. […]

Be Inspired! 5 Cities Every Creative Should Visit

  Suppose your career or hobby revolves around creative or producing creative materials such as ads, painting, and literature. In that case, it’s a must to explore different types of art from around the world. As the old saying goes, art is the creative reflection of our reality. That is why it’s important for every […]

3 Tips for Amping Up Your Holiday Party Outfit

Take your holiday party looks to the next level during the 2022 holiday season by adorning yourself with quality jewelry pieces. If you already have your favorite outfits ready for the season, improve the look with bling accessories that add some polish and sparkle.  Diamonds and gold, men’s and women’s best friends are perfect for […]