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2022 New Ways to Find Student Travel Discounts

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For students who want to travel the world, managing their budgets is their primary concern. This undertaking is legitimate as most learners do not have deep pockets to do as they wish. As such, a student must always be on the lookout for deals and discounts. Each year, new ways of finding student deals emerge. In this article, you will learn effective ways to find student discounts when traveling.


Student ID Card

As a student, you can never go wrong with your ID card. It can give you access to incredible deals and discounts. Therefore, you will want to identify yourself as a learner by always having your student ID card on you. Doing this automatically reduces the costs of bookings for:

  • Plane tickets;
  • Bus fares;
  • Accommodation;
  • Tour fees.

To improve the reach of your identity, you can apply for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Having a valid ISIC lets you access discounts, offers, and other perks globally.


If you are a student exploring America, you have the opportunity to travel for free. With Frontier Airlines, you can travel free to about 100 locations within the country. However, you will have to travel within a specific duration.

American Airlines has an AAdvantage program that lets students fly at a discount if their university participates. On the other hand, Turkish Airlines and British Airways all provide various types of deals for learners traveling internationally.

While traveling to another part of the world, you must stay active in your school work. One way to do it is to use the premium thesis or use well-known services who do write a dissertation for me in short terms. This platform will deliver assignments on or before the agreed deadline.



You always need a place to stay when in another country. However, getting affordable accommodation can be challenging. If you have a tight budget, you will have to get creative and find budget-friendly solutions. Many students may opt to work for a place to stay. There are numerous farms and similar setups that are willing to accommodate you in exchange for labor. In addition, some hosts may even include meals, so that can be another thing off your list of expenses.

Alternatively, if you have a bit more to spend, you may book a hotel. is an example of a platform that offers students great deals. With a student membership, you can get up to 10% off hotel bookings. In general, this offer covers you for up to 28 nights. If you do not have the resources to book a hotel, you should try out Airbnb while at various places to travel to. Or, you can try staying at a hostel.



As a student, you can easily access discounts when traveling on specific buses in America. In particular, several cities and towns have tons of bus services that have friendly prices for learners. Greyhound is a national bus service that can offer as much as 10% off on tickets and passes. Using this platform works better if you purchase a student discount card, which costs only $30.

Another business that offers similar services is FlixBus. You can access nearly 200 destinations in several states. Similarly, FlixBus gives you a 15% discount, which is 5% more than what Greyhound offers.

If you prefer to use trains, Amtrak is an option while traveling within the country. As long as you have a valid student ID, you can get up to a 15% discount on all destinations, you can also find a discount and tell them to  “type my research paper” well and quick. However, the days of travel and region can increase or decrease the price you get.

If you want to take control of your adventure and have the resources to do it, you should consider getting a rental car. Sixt, Alamo, and Zipcar all offer car renting options for students. You get up to 25% discount on Sixt as long as you are 25 years and a learner.



As a student, you can take advantage of discounts businesses offer you while traveling. These offers may cover air travel, bus trips, accommodation, and more. Hopefully, our article provided you with some tips that will help make your travel more affordable and exciting.



Barbara Fielder is a writer and a passionate traveler who has been almost at each continent. She writes student-centered content. In addition, Barbara periodically runs educational seminars for underprivileged students.

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