4 Facts You Might Not Know About Esports

Today, every company that produces online games dreams of entering its product into the eSports program. The rate of growth in the popularity of this sport is simply amazing. In this article, we have compiled four fascinating facts about esports that you might not have heard about.

1.   Esports brings huge money to players and bettors

As in many other sports and online entertainment like Zodiac Casino playing, in eSports, if a player has become a professional, then his life can be said to be successful. There are numerous video game fans who play them for free for days. Only a few of these gamers outgrow the amateur level.

Moreover, to make money in eSports, it is not necessary to be a top player. Support staff, commentators, and, of course, bettors make money on eSports. Not all offices have adapted to the new sport yet, and underestimation of outcomes is often found in the line. This is certainly used by players, earning good money on the bets.


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2.   No other sport in the world can match the speed of eSports

Who do you think runs more in a match: a tennis player or a football player? It is not strange, but it is the tennis player who runs more kilometers per match than the footballer. However, both of them are still far from eSportsmen. It is they who perform the largest number of operations in one minute.

This refers to mouse and keyboard clicks. In the first place, in terms of mouse clicks, is StarCraft 2. On average, a player in this game performs about 300 different operations per minute. And they do all this in 60 seconds, just think about it! Try to carry out such a procedure on your computer: on average, you will have to do 5 actions in 1 second. The world record for the intensity of the game belongs to an Asian player who performs 900 operations in one minute.

3.   The biggest blow-up in esports

The most epic eSports incident was recorded in Korea and was associated with a match-fixing and a suicide attempt at the same time. One of the coaches of the top teams made a bet on their defeat in one of the matches of the prestigious tournament. Accordingly, all members of the team were aware and successfully failed the match.


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However, information was leaked, and the whole conspiracy was made available to the public. One of the players could not bear such a turn of events and jumped from the 12th floor. As a result, this player was a lucky guy because, after the fall, he survived.

In general, eSports already has a lot of scandalous stories related to the use of drugs by players, match-fixing, and many other incidents.

4.   Esports goes beyond PC

It’s hard to say why, but it is on the PC, and not on game consoles, that this sport lives. Maybe in Asia, they love PCs more and, therefore, this platform is used for e-Sports. Or maybe, on the contrary, in Asia, everyone loves eSports and, therefore, they sit at a PC. It is rather hard to answer this question, but that the PC is the platform of all the most famous cyber competitions is a fact.

However, even today, there are small attempts to tie eSports to game consoles. In Asia, eSport competitions are already taking place on the Android platform.


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