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5 Mistakes to Avoid Matching Jewelry with Outfits

Well-matched jewelry items add stars to your attire and make you look irresistible and well put. There are so many honest mistakes when it comes to choosing complimentary jewelry. From choosing the wrong size to over-stacking, even the most on-fleek fashion divas can make style mistakes. This article will talk about ten jewelry mistakes that can bring down your look and make you look 0 from 10 in an instant.

1.    Selecting Jewelry that doesn’t go according to the occasion:

Every occasion requires a unique jewelry selection. For instance, events like wedding ceremonies require a dainty initial necklace with delicate pendants. Usually, diamond jewelry is preferred in heartfelt events like weddings. Moreover, events like housewarming parties, Christmas/ thanksgiving dinners, and family get together require dainty personalized jewelry items with custom initials, names, and words. For formal events, go for gold or platinum jewelry items with intricate detailing.

2.    Follow the trend:

Each jewelry and outfit trend doesn’t need to resonate with your style. It is one of the biggest mistakes jewelry lovers make, and they commonly believe it to be true. Do not run after trends because you know your signature style’s elements. Try mixing and matching separate jewelry articles and select a piece that compliments your apparel and looks aesthetically pleasing. Besides that, you can also custom order jewelry items that match the print and style of your dress.

3.    More is better.

Over-accessorizing with different jewelry items can undermine your look and outfit. As the world is moving towards dainty jewelry design, some of us still find over-stacking fascinating and completely ‘doable’. However, doubling or tripling your jewelry can overpower your cloth, thus removing your unique personality appeal. Therefore, choose according to the print and outfit you are wearing. Stacking two or three jewelry items is fine but wearing too many pieces at a time doesn’t look good.

4.    Choose the Necklace by your Neckline.

The necklace is an important jewelry item that can hold your personality and put a definition to your outfit like nothing else. Therefore, you should elect the necklace according to your outfit’s neckline. A necklace must not overlap with your neckline. Here are popular necklines that you must know of before selecting the right jewelry item:

·                V-Neck:

V-neckline complements slim necklaces with a slim bar-style pendant. Try finding necklaces with longer chains for your outfits with V-necks.

·                Scoop Neck:

A scoop neck outfit entertains a variety of necklace designs. The deepest neckline compliment layered necklaces, simple pendants, choker-style necklaces, or a customized motivational necklace.

·                Collared neckline:

Collared necklines are known for their dreary appearance. Choose a bold necklace that covers a large area around your neck. You can also wear a statement necklace on outfits with a collared neckline.

·                Shoulderless outfits:

Shoulder-less dresses are in trend these days.  Wear simple or dramatic necklaces to compliment your skin and outfit. Wear a simple necklace with a diamond or birthstone studded in the pendant with the shoulderless outfit. Besides that, you can also choose a heavy necklace with single-colored printless apparel.

·                Square Neck:

Choose a multi-strand necklace for dresses with a square neckline. Besides that, the choker also looks good on a squared neckline. Fashion experts also advise wearing a geometric-shaped pendant necklace.

·                Halter Neck:

Halter is one of the sexiest necklines that goes deep. Although accessorizing this neckline might look difficult, it is quite easy. Wear a long chain necklace with a centrally studded birthstone or diamond. The Square necklace also looks amazing with this necklace.

·                Sweetheart neckline:

A sweetheart neckline does not need accessorizing; therefore, choose a dainty and simple necklace. You can opt for initial necklaces or ones that let you customize your name on them.

·                Turtleneck:

Turtleneck necklines cover every area perfectly. Therefore, you need to wear a bold and extravagant necklace. Find an item with bling and shine, as it would help in highlighting your outfit of the day.

5.    Your earrings shouldn’t complement your Hairstyle.

If you want your outfit to shine and make you appear in the limelight everywhere you go, find earrings that compliment your hairstyle.  Hairstyle-appropriate earrings can give your face the right dimension, complement your makeup look, and highlight your dress.  Here are common hairstyles and earrings that complement it:

·                Updos:

This flawless hairstyle looks great on a formal occasion. If you want to add to the look, go for drop earrings. The birthstone and diamond earrings are perfect for the look.

·                Short hair/pixie cut:

The pixie-cut hairstyle can be extremely tricky when choosing the right earring. Go for an earring jacket and cuffs.

·                Ponytail:

If you love wearing a high ponytail, go for large statement earrings. Earrings with cuff and hoop style can add a dramatic effect to your look. However, if you like a lower ponytail hairstyle, go for tiny earrings. You can also stack multiple intricate earrings to add to the look.

·                Shoulder-length hair:

Shoulder-length hair creates a definite line across your shoulders. This line gives you the perfect reference point for the size and length of your earring. The ideal earring can be colorful, large, and have dainty details. If you have a wide face, wear thin earrings. If your face is thin, find thicker jewelry.

·                Curly hair:

Curly hair is full of volume and gives your face a fuller effect. You do not need an earring that adds to the drama curly hair has created. Hoop earrings are the perfect pair of earrings that can add stars to your style statement.  Usually, the curly hair gets tangled in the earrings; therefore, hoop-style earrings are ideal.

·                Side swept hairstyle:

Go for simple yet stylish earrings when your hair is swept to one side.  Look for pendant drop earrings that complement your skin’s subtle hue and hairstyle. Do not wear long earrings, as they make your face look elongated.

·                Half updo:

Half up and half down hairstyle looks even more attractive with studs. Find small earrings that do not hang.  Half updo puts your facial feature in perspective; Therefore, you need dainty-designed earrings with little distraction.


Jewelry has the potential to bring out or shadow your outfit. No matter how expensive, beautiful, and seamless your dress is, bad jewelry choices can instantly affect your look. In this article, we have sourced ten jewelry mistakes that even the most style-conscious people can make while matching jewelry with their apparel. Explore your jewelry options and decide after considering all the above points/mistakes.

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