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5 subtle ways to elevate any outfit

Turns out you don’t need to invest in countless statement pieces in order to look fashionable. With the help of a few styling tips and some added glitz and glam, you can even turn a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt into an outfit that will attract plenty of compliments.

The beauty of fashion is that there are no set rules, and you should dress to express who you are and how you want to be seen by the world. And if you want to elevate your look for a special occasion or just because you feel like looking a bit more put together, here’s how.


Follow your colour palette

If you have the feeling that none of your existing clothes suit you, you probably don’t know what your colour palette is. The rule generally goes that darker skin tones suit warmer shades like orange, red and yellow whilst lighter shades are complimented by blues, greens and silvers.

If you’re unsure about what kind of colours are best for your skin tone, why not seek professional advice where you can be assessed properly and given a range of colours to try?


Wear comfortable shoes

Looking stylish doesn’t equate to discomfort. In fact, looking comfortable can just about elevate any look. Invest in some good quality, supportive shoes that will see you through long days without a single hint of a blister or sore spot.

Hobbling around on stilettos doesn’t exactly look good, so actually being comfortable will make you look good to others and give you confidence at the same time.


Wear jewellery

You can elevate pretty much any outfit with a pair of diamond rings, some chunky earrings or a pretty necklace. Here you can really let your personality shine and bring a bit of sparkle to an everyday outfit.


Avoid flip flops

And when we say ‘comfortable shoes’, we do not mean flip flops. They used to be exclusively worn at the beach, but now people turn to flip flops during hot weather or for a really lightweight option. However, they don’t really say ‘stylish’. Instead of turning to your trust beach pair, opt instead for some pretty sandals.

Leather slides (or any kind of slides) are a great option for those who want breathability and they look super elegant too.


Hide your bra straps

There’s something about having one’s bra straps on show that looks sloppy and messy. Instead of going for transparent straps that you think are hidden (hint, they’re not), invest in a great strapless bra that can be used with pretty little dresses, tube tops and backless garments.

If you want to show off your bra straps, at least make them pretty bra straps. Straps covered with little flowers or with pretty patterns can look great if worn under the right kind of tops.


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