5 TV Series Gem to Watch Right Now

Make sure you are watching the greatest show on-demand by visiting our list of the five best TV gems that you can access right now.




Nothing to Watch? Check These 5 Great TV Gems!

The world of TV cinema is quite rich. In fact, you may argue that there is so much that it’s almost easy to miss some of the best options out there. Just like there are tons of Australian online casino no deposit bonus options, so are their movies that have been circulating on streaming platforms like HBO GO, Amazon Prime and Netflix that you may not even know about. Today, we take a look at those great cinematic experiences and why you may be interested in watching them.


Inside Job

Inside Job is the latest animated series by Netflix, and highly recommended by Casino Bonuses Finder product owner Tony Sloterman. Sloterman has a soft spot for casino slots are based on Netflix shows, and that is why he is an avid movie fan. The show centres around the fascinating world of conspiracies. A secret agency that controls the world and maintains the person with the Lizard people is propagating and spreading all of the world’s wackiest theories. Many of those have a scientific founding. It doesn’t matter, because the agency should keep the Illuminates order pleased while steering personal and career dramas and trying to get off the job alive at the end of the day. Do make sure to give this one a go.

Final Space

Garry is a prisoner aboard Hue, a prison ship with artificial intelligence. He suddenly gets in the way of Mooncake, an alien super-being with an adorable appearance that is hunted by the Titans from Final Space who are desperately trying to break into our world and destroy the entire universe for their amusement. There is also a power-hungry mutated overlord who was once human but now he is dead set on catching up to Mooncake and transferring his power to himself. It’s a great, funny, and wittily written show that you simply do not want to miss out on.

Lost in Space

If you love space, then you are going to love Lost in Space. This live-action TV series may have some of the science off and the challenges in front of its characters a little questionable, but it’s a brilliant show that you will want to watch, rewatch and then rewatch again. It’s a full TV series from beginning to end and for those of you who love the interstellar saga, it has an extremely high level of production quality, which will immediately put it as your favourite. Essentially, humans are trying to get to Alpha Centauri when they get hit by an alien robot that attacks their spaceship and forces them to evacuate on a neighbouring planet en route for Alpha Centauri. What happens next is all kinds of exciting.

The Witcher

Fans of traditional fantasy must not miss The Witcher’s new season. The brilliant series is inspired by the even better books that are fully dedicated to telling the story of a fantastic world that is plagued by politicking, power-hungry strongmen, and monsters. The witchers are a muscle for hire who will help you clear your neighbourhood of any magical horrors provided you offer a good penny in return. However, this one witcher is caught in the midst of a history-altering conflict and he has to live up to it.


If you are not a big fan of DC or Marvel comic movies, we understand it. However, The Flash is a superbly made TV series with a constant evolution of the main characters and so much to offer. The show started somewhat hesitantly but over the years, it has been able to successfully build into an excellent TV flick to see.

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