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5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Mean Girl with Y2K Makeup

Mean Girls cast applying 2000s makeup

Ready to gear up for the Mean Girls 2024 reboot in style? But hold on, you can’t fully embrace the Plastics’ world without first rocking the iconic Y2K clothing and makeup looks! We’re talking 2000s blue eyeshadow, glossy Y2K lips, candyfloss-pink blush…and all the other era-defining 2000s makeup trends.

So, read on to channel your inner Regina, Cady, Karen, Gretchen, or Janis, and discover how you can recreate the Mean Girls makeup looks that defined the OG film.

1. Y2K Eyeshadow

Regina George wearing Y2K blue eyeshadow

If there’s one makeup look that could define the 2000s, it’s probably the Y2K blue eyeshadow trend. From baby blue to electric aquamarine, this 2000s makeup trend was sported by all the era’s hottest celebs. Take Paris Hilton’s 2000s makeup look with the show-stopper blue eyeshadow, bronzed skin, and flip phone to match!

But it’s not just about the blues, in the makeup bags of IT girls like Regina George you’ll also find the coveted pink eyeshadow in baby pink, hot pink, frosted pink – better still if glittery. Okay, we know 2000s eyeshadow is totally fetch, but if we want to recreate this look before hitting the cinema, what Y2K eyeshadow palettes should we reach out for?

We love Lottie London’s aptly named Y2K: The 2000s are Calling Eyeshadow Palette. With 12 shades to pick from, you can go from glittery pink to baby blue in just one brush. Plus, it’s shaped like a 2000s flip phone, what more could you want?

Lottie London Y2K eyeshadow palette

2. Y2K Lips

Cady Heron applying Y2K lip gloss

When the 2000s weren’t smizing at us with their pastel-coloured eyeshadowed eyes, they were surely pouting at us with their quintessentially Y2K glossy lips.

Present in all the Mean Girls’ micro bags, the 2000s lip gloss was a must-have, turning every school hallway into a high-fashion runway. So, pucker up, because if you’re truly down for a 2000s revival, your lips need to be as juicy as the Burn Book gossip.

Curious how to nail this Mean Girls makeup look? Well, we think there’s only one lip gloss from the 2000s that can truly live up to expectations, and that’s none other than Lancome’s ICONIC Juicy Tubes range!

Row of Lancome Juicy Tubes Y2K lip glosses

3. 2000s Blush

Karen Smith wearing pink 2000s blush

It’s time to leave school embarrassments in the past, because with the 2000s blushers, blushing is officially off the radar. The 2000s blush era was so pigmented and bold that nothing – and we mean nothing – could betray the fact you may actually have blushed!

Every cool girl in the 2000s donned the pop pink, baby pink, or bright peach blusher. Those with fairer skin like Karen Smith opted for the pinks, while tan queens like Gretchen Wieners went for the peaches.

So, if you truly want to show up to the premiere of Mean Girls 2024 in style, make sure you’ve got a seriously pigmented blush at your fingertips. We think we’ve found just the one, and it’s got to be Dior’s Rosy Glow Blush in shade 001 Pink.

Dior Rosy Glow Blush in shade 001 Pink

4. Y2K Eyeliner

Janis Ian wearing black Y2K eyeliner

If you weren’t sporting pastel eyeshadow in the 2000s, then surely you were part of the grungier Y2K eyeliner squad, rocking the smokey black eye pencil look exemplified by Janis Ian in Mean Girls.

This Y2K makeup trend was all about boldly rimming your eyes with intense black liner, creating an edgy, rebellious aesthetic. Forget about liquid eyeliner and embrace rich black kohl pencils smudged just enough to give you that fierce IDGAF look.

If you’re going for this Mean Girls makeup look, arm yourself with Stila’s best-selling Kohl Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in the shade Stingray.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

5. 2000s Bronzer

Gretchen Wiener wearing 2000s bronzer

No 2000s makeup list could be complete without mentioning the sunkissed bronzer look. This trend embraced the allover sun-kissed glow look, famously sported by Gretchen Wieners.

Think deep, earthy, glowy bronzer sweeping across your visage, leaving you looking like you just hailed back from a tropical vacay. The key is to really get that bronzer glow all over your face, neck and why not, your décolleté too, for a truly Y2K makeup look.

So, no matter if it’s winter or the height of summer, if you want to recreate your favourite Mean Girls makeup, arm yourself with Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Blozer, and get ready to apply it liberally all over!

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer

Words by #GabriellaGasparini

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