ATEEZ are a force to be reckoned with. Fresh from the release of their second studio album THE WORLD EP.FIN : WILL, the band speak to 1883 about creative reinvention, the support of fans worldwide,

Rising actor Nate Mann soars to the challenge of portraying a beloved airman Robert ‘Rosie’ Rosenthal in Apple TV's Masters of the Air.

In reimagining Mr. and Mrs. Smith, co-creator and showrunner Francesca Sloane has crafted a thrill ride of a relationship drama that conceals nearly as much beneath its surface as the two spies it follows.

Vulnerability and confidence go hand in hand, and for rising actress Brooke Timber, the alliance of the two sets her up for success in her first feature film role in Memory.

In the world of entertainment, actress YunJee Kim has recently gained acclaim for her standout performance in Netflix's Lift.

In a genre saturated with run-of-the-mill slashers and gore, Barnaby Clay’s The Seeding brings us a horrific new twist sprinkled in with psychological terror.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, L Devine shares more about the making of her debut album Digital Heartifacts, thoughts on the North East’s music scene, and more.

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