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6 Tips on How to Keep your Patch Designs Simple Design for Success

When you’re trying to design a patch, you don’t want to get too complicated. The best way to do this is with a simple design that doesn’t have too many details. Customizing embroidery patches can help you best in this regard if you want to things simple your way. Find a company like 4incustompatch where you can submit details and get the design as per your desire!


Here are some tips for keeping your designs simple:

1.   Use clean and simple shapes

No one wants to look at a patch with a lot of intricate details, but you don’t want your design to appear crowded or confusing either.


2.   Avoid using too much detail

Even though you might think it’s important to include as many details as possible in your design, the more complicated it gets, the harder it is for people to read. It’s best to keep your designs simple and easy to read.


3.   Make sure your design is legible

Make sure that your text is readable from at least 20 feet away so that everyone who sees it will be able to understand what it says. Also, ensure that it is understandable without having to squint or strain one’s eyes!


4.   Make sure your design is not too busy

Instead of a busy design with lots of colors, try to keep things simple by using one or two colors and making sure that each element is relevant to your message.


5.   Be careful with color choices

Colors are powerful, but they can also be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Keep it simple by choosing only one or two colors from each category (for example, black and white for business uniforms, red and blue for sports teams, etc.).


6.   Think about what you want to say

Your brand’s message should come through loud and clear in every detail of your patch design—including fonts, layout, and color choices. It will also help your customers know more about you if you own a business!


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