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9 Great Reasons to Visit Gatlinburg

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We’re here to dispel your misconception that Gatlinburg is merely an attraction full of souvenir stalls to stop at for fun. Those can be found aplenty in this prototypical mountain town, which is often crowded with tourists scrambling for their money. However, you can create whatever kind of adventure you like.

Gatlinburg has a long history of hospitality, in contrast with Pigeon Forge, which has many cheesier attractions. Gatlinburg’s proximity to the Smoky Mountain National Park makes it the ideal starting point for exploring this wonder of the world. Gatlinburg has many fun activities to offer you during your stay, even if you spend much of your time exploring the Smokies.

So, to help you decide why you must visit Gatlinburg this season, check out the reasons stated below.

Flying to the Alps isn’t necessary

There is no denying that Gatlinburg is a classic mountain town reminiscent of Alpine villages, despite the neon signs and Delta-8 shops along the strip. There are some charming little shops located in these Village Shoppes, which look like they belong in Bavaria. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped in the heart of an Alpine resort when you board the aerial tram or drive up yourself.

Skiers and snowboarders love Ober Gatlinburg’s dozen moderate runs, but it offers year-round activities at the resort. Even if you want to witness the magnificence of the resort, you can check out the Ober Gatlinburg webcam that provides live footage of the resort in real time. The park has ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, snow tubing hills, mountain coasters, and an Alpine slide. You’ll feel like you’re in a ski bunny movie if you stop by their wood-fired pub for après-ski drinks.

Discover Appalachia’s enthralling history

Discover historical sites along Nashville Heritage Trail in and around Gatlinburg to get a true taste of the Smoky Mountains. William Ogle, an explorer who hewed trees to build a house in the early nineteenth century, originally named the settlement Flats of White Oak as the area has a lot of trees. Sadly, he passed away before returning, yet his wife bravely made the journey back from the Carolinas and constructed the cabin in anticipation of their return.

Today, you can still visit the cabin, which was relocated to the center of downtown. In addition to historic farmsteads on RFMT, you’ll see re-created 1900s mills that powered local economies before tourists arrived, such as Ely’s Mill.

You’re a tourist in your own state

Even so, sometimes it’s just fun to see all the attractions that attract tourists from across the nation. Allow your inhibitions to drop just a little and wander through downtown along the Parkway. From multiple escape rooms to haunted houses to laser tag, Ripley’s and Gatlin’s attractions will give you a “good kind of weird” experience. If you don’t buy the T-shirt, your friends at home will never know what a child you are.

Taking in the view while eating dinner is easy

Located above downtown on a ridge, The Greenbrier was once an equestrian lodge and is now a lovely restaurant. Diners feel as if they’re floating over the forest at almost every table, with views of the forest below. At The Greenbrier, guests can sample rare whiskeys while dining on steaks seasoned with dry aging from a list of one of the town’s only craft cocktail spots. The building used to be a lodge in the 1930s; a jilted bride-to-be allegedly hung herself from the beam over the bar to commit suicide. There is a legend that Lydia haunts the place, so be sure to warm up with a shot of bourbon.

Walking over bridges that are pretty extreme is possible

For thrill-seekers seeking a peek below, the Grand Canyon’s Glass SkyWalk is an incredibly popular attraction. Among Gatlinburg’s many walking bridges are some that are transparent if you like that sort of thing. Situated at a height of 500 ft., this bridge offers some mesmerizing views.

With a view of the valley 150 feet below from the SkyBridge in Gatlinburg, you are challenged ” to cross the glass ” by a thirty-foot segment. Anakeesta, a mountaintop attraction, has the longest treetop walkway worldwide. Observe the forest’s wildlife while strolling over sixteen bridges sixty feet above the ground. You may encounter it if you keep an eye out.

Rather than climbing the mountain, take a skylift to the top

As you know, Ober Gatlinburg has a ski lift that will take visitors from the bottom to the mountaintop; the original tram builder purchased the resort because he predicted more skiers meant more revenue. He was a smart dude, we must say. So, for more controlled descents and ascents, Anakeesta also offers wide-open gondolas and ski lifts. There are breathtaking views no matter where you go.

Get your heart pumping with adrenaline-pumping rides

The breathtaking views in Gatlinburg aren’t the only thing that will take your breath away. There seems to be a new thrill waiting around every corner. Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster allows you to take single or double cars down the track at speeds up to 35 mph. Mountain coasters, as well as ones in which the rider hangs from a harness and glides underneath the track, can be found at Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park. Anakeesta’s Dueling Ziplines are the perfect place for competitive daredevils. Zipline races don’t have winners or losers.

Overcome your fear of heights

You may not be able to handle rope bridges and ziplines, but what about elevators or stairs? Observe Gatlinburg from 400 feet above the ground with the Gatlinburg Space Needle and its observation deck. Alternatively, once you reach Anakeesta’s top, continue to the AnaVista Tower with a 360° view of three states. In addition to the glass floor panels, the tower also has some other thrilling elements.

Spend a night under the stars camping

Gatlinburg offers many wild lodging options for those who have recently adopted the RV lifestyle after spending the pandemic cooped up at home. There are several campgrounds closer to town that offer easy access to bathing facilities and other amenities in the national park. You remember what we said about the bears, so be sure to secure your food.

Final Words!

In short, Gatlinburg is a great destination to spend some quality time with family and friends. However, we recommend that before visiting the place, you should observe it using online webcams to know what to expect in person.


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