A Day in Denver with Savannah Lynch

Welcome to 1883 Magazine’s city guide series, where we recruit our favourite talent and tastemakers from across the globe to plan out the perfect day in their hometown, complete with restaurant recommendations, top menu picks, their go-to places to take in the views, and more.



Travel influencer, model and entrepreneur Savannah Lynch has spent a lot of her adult life living in Los Angeles, but recently relocated back to her hometown of Denver, CO with her husband to be closer to her family and the place she grew up. While she spends a lot of her time traveling the world capturing content to share with her followers or exploring different business ventures – like her candle company, Volare – she enjoys spending time with loved ones and exploring new places in her own city.

If you’re needing recommendations in Denver, Colorado, join 1883 Magazine as Savannah Lynch shares her go-to spots on how to have the perfect day in the city. 


Favourite spot to get breakfast?

I love Chez Maggy in the lobby of the Thompson Hotel. Or if you want something for a quick pick up Santiago’s has the best breakfast burritos! I always get two half and half burritos.


Now that you’ve had breakfast, what store do you like to go to indulge?

Djuna is the cutest home goods shop in Denver. They have so many cute unique vintage pieces.


You need caffeine — what café are we going to?

Steam Espresso bar is my favorite coffee shop! They have indoor and outdoor seating with a vintage airplane in the garden.


If someone was visiting your city, what tourist activity would you do with them?

Denver is known for their microbreweries. I would pick a few close by and do a couple tours!


Where can we go in the city to take in the views?

El Five has a beautiful view of the Denver Skyline. It’s also very romantic!


Now that it’s lunch time, where should we go? Best thing on the menu?

Mister Oso has some of my favorite tacos. The Birria taco is a must!


Where is your favorite place in your city?

In terms of neighborhood I love Old South Pearl. I also love walking around Washington Park or Cheesman Park!


For the evening we need a new look — what’s the best place for vintage shopping? 

I’ve been in love with Boss Vintage on Broadway since I was a kid. There are many other vintage shops on this street as well so you could make a full day of it!


What’s the best bar to go for a drink before the night begins? 

I love The Cruise Room, it’s been around since the 1930s and it still has its vintage charm all lit up in pink!


If it’s date night, what spot are you going to?

For dinner I would go to Sunday Vinyl. They have an amazing wine selection and they play some of their best Vinyl every night!


If it’s girl’s night, where are we going dancing?

I’m not a big clubbing girly, but if you want a fun night with good music, Chez Roc is the spot!


If we’re going to a concert, what is the best venue in town?

RED ROCKS! When I say there’s something magical about this place I mean it. Red Rocks is one of the only natural amphitheaters and it’s hosted some of the most iconic artists over the decades. Bob Marley, U2 (look up playing Bloody Sunday in the rain. Trust me), Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles.. just to name a few!


Now that the night is wrapping up, we’re feeling a little peckish — where should we go for a late night bite? Are we having dessert?

Little Man Ice Cream is one of my favorite ice cream shops! They’re open until midnight!


Where can we follow you for more city recommendations?

Follow me @savannahlynch on IG or @savannah_lynch on TikTok.

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