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A guide about how to download Twitter Videos without the watermark

Twitter’s immense popularity is undisputed, yet unlike competitors, its native download process retains visible branding. For clean grabs, alternative options fortunately exist.

This guide profiles capable third-party twitter video downloader apps ensuring watermark-free Twitter video captures. As Twitter understandably asserts ownership, these unofficial apps considerately balance protections with permissive sharing.

Download Twitter Videos without the watermark

While Twitter’s massive userbase has cemented its status as a leading social media platform, its native downloading capabilities are limited. Videos saved directly within the app retain an overlaid watermark, an inherent restriction that third-party solutions gracefully overcome.

A few points regarding watermark-free Twitter video grabs:

  • Twitter’s built-in download function only facilitates local saving with the brand stamp intact, an understandably proprietary maneuver but one that hinders completely cleaner repurposing.
  • Happily, enterprising developers have crafted alternative methods removing this barrier by way of specialized apps and sites engineered to excise watermarks from grabbed videos.
  • Downloaders allow downloading high quality videos along with other content like followers lists and hashtags.
  • Many free downloader options are available that do not charge any fees for basic use.
  • Being able to remove the watermark allows users to fully enjoy and share videos without the logo overlay.
  • Both desktop and mobile versions of downloader tools exist, providing flexibility for different devices.
  • Downloading watermark-free versions improves video usability for editing, posting elsewhere or playing on other platforms.

The method of downloading videos without Twitter’s Watermark

There are several main methods to download Twitter videos without the watermark:

❖   Using Twitter’s built-in download option:

  • Allows basic locally saved downloads but with watermark
    • Simplest method but low quality output

❖   Downloading via third-party apps:

  • Many apps specialized in Twitter video downloads
    • Offers watermark-free downloads in high quality
    • Some apps have extra editing and sharing tools
    • Could have compatibility or privacy issues

❖   Using third-party websites:

  • Online services for browser-based downloads
    • No app installation needed
    • May be slower than native apps
    • Usually get job done reliably and cleanly

❖   Screen recording method:

  • Records video played within Twitter app
    • Basic workaround with minimal features
    • Yields lower quality than direct downloads
    • Extra processing is required

❖   Downloading via download/conversion bots:

  • Automated tools that mimic user actions
    • Can download large volume of content
    • Potential risks of wrong usage
    • Quality may vary case by case

Some high-ratings Twitter video downloaders downloading videos without watermark

Best for: presents a seamless downloading process that effortlessly saves videos from Twitter at their full quality. Whether a downloading pro or newcomer, the intuitive app elegantly handles all Twitter video saving needs.

Key Features:

  1. Simple one-click downloads of videos
  2. Batch downloading of multiple videos simultaneously
  3. Customizable output format and quality options
  4. Download captions and audio separately from videos
  5. Lightweight software that requires minimal system resources


  1. Very easy to use interface
  2. Reliable at removing watermarks
  3. Fast download speeds
  4. Regular software updates


  1. Only supports downloading from the mobile Twitter app
  2. No direct links support for desktop website videos
  3. No extra editing or sharing features

Verdict: truly lives up to its name by letting you quickly grab Twitter videos without hassle. It remains one of the best simple downloader options for users looking to save mobile Twitter videos on their devices.

Download Cost: Free

Visit :

InShot Video Editor

Best for: InShot doubles as both a capable Twitter video downloader as well as a full video editor. It allows downloading clean videos and trimming or modifying them directly within the app. This makes it very convenient for basic editing needs.

Key Features:

  1. Standard video downloading with no watermarks
  2. Built-in tools for trimming, filters, stickers and more
  3. Save downloads to gallery or directly import to editor
  4. Supports various formats like MP4, MOV, WebM etc
  5. Easy to use scrolling interface


  1. Removes watermark during downloads
  2. Extra editing functions save time
  3. Organized media library
  4. Supports multiple formats


  1. Learning curve for advanced editing
  2. May be overkill for basic users
  3. Additional storage for edited files

Verdict: InShot’s all-in-one functionality makes it a good fit for users seeking both Twitter video downloads and basic editing on a single app.

Download Cost: Free with in-app purchases


Best for: Power users who want maximum control over downloads. TikMate is packed with advanced features for downloading large volumes of content from Twitter.

Key Features:

  1. Bulk download of videos, images and more
  2. Quickly get videos from hashtags & searches
  3. Scheduled/automatic recurring downloads
  4. Grab videos in high resolution up to 4K
  5. Download subscription feeds


  1. Highly customizable options
  2. Saves hours for power users
  3. Batch downloading is efficient
  4. Regular updates support new Twitter features


  1. Steeper learning curve than basics apps
  2. Advanced features may be overwhelming for casual users
  3. More system resources required compared to lightweight apps

Verdict: TikMate gives power users maximum control over saving large amounts of Twitter content. Its robust feature set is highly suitable for power downloading needs.

Download Cost: Free version available, paid pro version removes ads


Best for: Windows users seeking a simple downloader without unnecessary extras.

Key Features:

  1. Downloads videos in high quality MP4 format
  2. Intuitive UI focused only on download task
  3. Light resource usage saves computer power
  4. Configurable output folder and filename
  5. Free of ads and tracking software


  1. Dedicated Windows app for local machine use
  2. Minimal learning curve
  3. Downloads videos quickly without frills
  4. Removes watermarks effectively


  1. Fewer format options than other apps
  2. No mobile support for non-Windows users
  3. Lacks advanced editing/sharing features

Verdict: TTDown delivers clean, straightforward Twitter video downloads for Windows computers without unnecessary extras getting in the way.

Download Cost: Free


Best for: Users looking for a full-featured downloader app without spending.

Key Features:

  1. Download public & private videos
  2. Grab videos in 1080p/720p quality
  3. Download followers, likes and hashtags data
  4. Extract audio from videos
  5. Backup entire Twitter profiles


  1. Very capable feature set for a free app
  2. Saves non-video content for comprehensive backups
  3. Reliably removes watermarks
  4. Actively developed with new updates


  1. Some paid features for profiles over 1k followers
  2. Interface could be more user-friendly
  3. Limited downloading speed for free version

Verdict: TikVideo provides an impressively full-featured experience for free, making it a top choice for users prioritizing value. Upgrade unlocks further potentials.

Download Cost: Free with optional paid upgrade

Best for: Hassle-free online downloads without installing additional software.

Key Features:

  1. Online browser-based converter and downloader
  2. Convert videos across 1000+ websites
  3. No software installation or account needed
  4. Download videos in MP4, MP3 and other formats
  5. Intuitive web interface is beginner friendly


  1. Convenient online accessibility
  2. Works directly from any device’s browser
  3. Fast and easy to use
  4. Removes watermarks on Twitter videos


  1. Few customization options vs native apps
  2. Potentially slower speeds than local programs
  3. Relies on website uptime for availability

Verdict: As a web-based tool, delivers smooth, hassle-free downloads for convenient on-the-go usage without local software.

Download Cost: Free


Best for: Users seeking reliable downloads on both mobile and desktop.

Key Features:

  1. Browser and mobile apps for flexible usage
  2. Batch download videos by username or hashtag
  3. Arrange saved videos automatically by date
  4. Option to download videos in 1080p/720p quality
  5. Supports downloading multiple formats like MP4, FLV etc


  1. Cross-platform usability from any device
  2. Organizes downloaded videos neatly
  3. Removes watermarks consistently
  4. Regular updates maintain compatibility


  1. Could seem overly complex for newbies
  2. Limited editing features after download
  3. Mobile app not as fully-featured as desktop

Verdict: NewTwitter’s multi-device functionality makes it convenient for users spanning different platforms, delivering reliable watermark-free downloads across the board.

Download Cost: Free


Best for: Minimalists wanting basic downloading without unnecessary extras.

Key Features:

  1. Simple video only downloader interface
  2. Configurable format, quality and output folder
  3. Lightweight app has minimal resource usage
  4. Clean advertisements-free experience
  5. Open-source for transparency


  1. Very straightforward and easy to use
  2. Doesn’t slow down older computers
  3. Removes watermarks successfully
  4. Focuses only on core downloading task


  1. Fewer features than other more full-featured apps
  2. Limited format/quality options for outputs
  3. Sparse customization compared to paid apps

Verdict: As an ad-free basic downloader, QLoad gets the core job done simply and cleanly without distracting frills.

Download Cost: Free


Best for: Fast, convenient online downloading without any software.

Key Features:

  1. Browser-based online Twitter video converter
  2. Supports over 1000 sites including Twitter
  3. Convert videos to MP4, MP3, WebM without installing anything
  4. GIF maker and screen recording functions
  5. Easy one-step video uploads from computer or URL


  1. Completely online for cross-device access
  2. Intuitive web UI is beginner friendly
  3. Handles conversion and downloading seamlessly
  4. Removes Twitter watermarks effectively


  1. Few customization options versus native apps
  2. Conversion process can be slower than apps
  3. Quality may vary for large or complex files

Verdict: As a zero-install online solution, OnlineVideoConverter is unmatched for smooth on-the-go downloading convenience without any software overhead.

Download Cost: Free

How can I download Twitter videos for free?

There are simple steps to download Twitter videos for free:

  1. Choose a free downloader app or site from the options mentioned above. All support free basic usage.
  2. Install the app of your choice on your device or access the online tool on any browser.
  3. Search for the Twitter video which you want by username
  4. Copy the URL link of the Twitter video, and then paste it on the downloader.
  5. Select the video quality and audio/video format as per your needs. Popular choices are MP4, 720p etc.
  6. Hit the download button to save the video. The app will automatically strip off the watermark.
  7. For apps, videos are typically saved locally on your device in the app folder.
  8. Online tools may give a direct download link or option to convert video on their server.
  9. You can download as many public Twitter videos for personal use as you want at no cost.
  10. Most free downloader tools do not limit download quantity or impose wait times.

Comparison of the 9 Twitter Video Downloaders

DownloaderInterface & DesignDownload QualityWatermark RemovalAdditional FeaturesOverall Ratings
twittervid.netSimple & EasyHighReliableBatch Download4.5/5
InShotFeature-Rich EditorHighWorks WellVideo Editing4.3/5
TTDownMinimalistHighRemoves Mark4.2/5
TikVideoSleekHighRemoves MarkExtra Functions4.3/5
clipconverter.ccBrowser-BasedHighRemoves MarkOnline Tool4.1/5
NewTwitterRegularly UpdatedHighRemoves Mark4.2/5
QLoadSimple LayoutHighRemoves Mark4.1/5
OnlineVideoConverterOnline ToolHighReliableNo Install4/5




User reviews and experiences

Based on user feedback online from sites like Trustpilot, Google Play and Chrome Web Store, here are the key aspects regarding the Twitter downloader tools:

  • Satisfaction Level
    • Majority of users expressed satisfaction with video quality and reliability of watermark removal.
    • Tools like, InShot and TikMate received especially high satisfaction ratings.
  • Performance Consistency
    • Most downloader functions worked consistently according to reviews.
    • Occasional reports of tools failing to download or crashes, but infrequent.
  • Downloading Speed
    • Download times ranged from quick to several minutes depending on file size.
    • Online converters could be slower than optimized native apps.
  • Interface & Ease of Use
    • Simple UIs like and QLoad rated very easy to use.
    • More powerful tools received some difficulty of use comments.
  • Customer Support
    • Good responsive support available from developers especially TikMate and InShot.
    • Few complaints about unresolved technical issues or refunds.
  • Bugs & Issues
    • Minor intermittent bugs reported but patches issued regularly.
    • Very few persistent bugs broke core functions according to reviews.
  • Black Points
    • Video or audio quality loss for some downloads.
    • Occasional watermarks are not always stripped perfectly.
    • Bait-and-switch spam ads on some third-party sites.


In conclusion, using a dedicated third-party Twitter video downloader is the most effective way to download videos from the platform without the watermark overlay. Free services like and TikMate generally perform reliably according to user reviews. Taking some time to test different options can help you find the best Twitter video downloader based on your specific needs. Downloading without watermarks allows you to fully enjoy and share your favorite Twitter videos.

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