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Advantages of Online Gambling using Mobile Phone

Online gambling is in style these days and it will continue to develop and thrive for many years. Along with the fusion of technology and the aid of the internet, the online casino industry continues to flourish.

It may sound surprising to some but betting online started in 1994 by Microgaming software. From then on it continued to develop until 2004 the same gaming provider which introduced the possibility of wagering online innovated another breakthrough. Along with the introduction of online mobile came the mobile casino.


The Mobile Casino

The mobile casino gives more liberty to online punters in terms of wagering by using their gadgets. The progress seemed to be slow at first because of these major reasons.

  • Gambling enthusiasts were hesitant because the firewall was not that strong to sieve malicious threats that attacks the system of the site and Socket Sockets Layer (SSL) was limited back then and only a few casino sites had one. Thus, online casinos didn’t guarantee security in those days.
  • Bettors were conservative back then and preferred the conventional physical casino.


Currently, over 5.07 billion people are mobile users which is equivalent to 63.5 percent of the world’s population. It is hard to say that smartphones are replacing laptops and other gadgets because they are very much essential, especially in the world of business.

Some of these people who are mobile users also bet online. As of 2021, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) arrived at 10.9 percent which means that around $61.5 billion in the market has increased in 2021 and while it is predicted to rise up to $ 114.4 billion by 2029, there is also a possibility that it can be more than the amount indicated.

At present aside from virtual wagering, sports betting is also in demand because it is convenient and offers lots of benefits.

Gambling Features on Smartphones

These are the following characteristics of mobile casinos which makes it famous in the digital world.

  • Players have automatic access to the betting site anytime.
  • Efficient mobile versions.
  • Functionality and interface are maintained.


These are practical reasons for its popularity:

  • Convenient
    Mobile gambling is truly convenient because there is no need for the player to go home or use the personal computer or laptop in the office to bet or miss the limited tournament. There is no need for players to mix business and pleasure.
  • Claim the device-specific bonus
    The online casino has various bonuses which include a type of application wherein a player can download a specific bonus and by using the type of device, the casino site will grant them a special freebie.
  • Maximum security
    Android and iOS guarantee maximum security because the smartphone’s operating system is sturdy enough not to get infected by malware. It means that players can wager to their heart’s content without any worries.
  • Variety of games
    Mobile casinos’ gaming providers are competent software. Each provider is unique and offers more than 3000 ways of playing casino games online. The mobile casino promises loads of fun for the player and many rewards.
  • Fast Download
    Mobile casinos promise high download speed which is very essential during the live casino. This special feature is a live broadcast and must not be interrupted hence it also requires a stable internet connection.


Final thoughts:

The online casino applications are compatible with most gadgets which include smartwatches and particularly smartphones. Mobile casinos automatically receive promotions, loyalty programs, and important information news, especially in sports which is convenient for sports bettors for them to keep track of the major future event.

Betting online has a lot of advantages. However, one must be aware of fraud betting sites so one better check first if the site is fully licensed.

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