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Amir Wilson

The exceptionally skilled actor Amir Wilson comes of age and further cements his rise as an emerging talent with the final season of His Dark Materials.

The Shrewsbury-native first discovered his interest in the performing arts after joining his local theatre production company at the tender age of seven-years-old. Since then, the actor has gone from humble beginnings as a child actor in smaller projects to appearing in acclaimed TV, film, and theatre productions. Having been active since 2015, Wilson has appeared on stage in the West End’s Lion King, gained one of his most notable leading roles as Will Parry in the BBC fantasy epic, His Dark Materials, and has just had a role in the feature-length film, The Magic Flute. Undoubtedly, His Dark Materials will forever remain an extremely important chapter in the rising performer’s career. When season one of the show was being filmed, Amir was only a teenage boy. Fast forward a few years, and he’s now finished the concluding third season of the beloved show as an adult. It’s a show that has allowed him to further hone his craft whilst also working alongside some of the industry’s best, thanks to the show’s stellar cast.

To celebrate the release of the closing chapter of the series, 1883 Magazine sat down with Wilson to discuss what he’s excited for fans to look forward to in Season three, growing up as a child actor, and his love of photography.



Hi Amir, thanks for chatting with 1883 Magazine. Series three of His Dark Materials is airing this month and concluding in January.  So with that in mind, how do you think your character Will Parry has evolved over the last two seasons? 

 He’s grown from a boy into a man, when we leave him in season two he’s at the lowest of lows having lost his dad and Lyra all within the space of about half an hour. When we pick him up in season three he’s comes to terms with what has happened and gained better knowledge of himself and the world/worlds that surround him, he’s on a mission to find Lyra!


With the character currently being in a really dark place, what are you excited for fans to experience in the final season? 

 The introduction of new worlds and characters. Season two was very much cittegazze based but there is a lot more to look forward to this time around so if you liked S2 you will like this 10x more!


I’m keen to get your personal thoughts on growing up as a child actor. Firstly, acting is your passion and it’s great that you’ve been doing it for quite some time now. So a positive would be that you get to do what you love for a living but arguably one negative is that you’ve had to grow up in the public eye which means less privacy…

 I’ve had a really pleasant experience if I’m being honest. I’m so lucky and so grateful to be where I’m at today and I’m constantly reminding myself that when I’m low or when something doesn’t go my way. In regards to being in the public eye I don’t really feel famous, all my shows/films came out during covid so it was a weird experience for me doing everything through zoom and not being able to get out there so I was quite unlucky with that. Now that things have started to pick up again, I’ve been at some press junkets this year and been able to meet people and it’s always so nice to see people who appreciate what you do! I don’t get recognised on the street all the time, partly because I look different in real life compared to my shows and I’ve grown up a lot! But when I do have interactions with fans they have all been great.


Joining your local drama company Get Your Wigle On at the age of seven-years-old must have been such a crucial moment that influenced you to pursue acting as a career but what led you to join the Shropshire-based group? Can you recall your earliest memory related to acting?

 My first show was the Wizard Of Oz where I played a little munchkin at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury. I wasn’t even meant to be a part of it but they held auditions and I went with my sister as she wanted to give it a try. James Broxton (who is the co founder of GYWO with Ross Wigley) encouraged me to audition and that kick-started my love for performing. I always had too much energy as a kid and didn’t know where to put it so I’m glad that it allowed me to do something with it. I did a few different shows with GYWO over the years and landed my first professional role in the Lion King West End when I was 10, they held open auditions and I got down to the final 3 out of 2000 boys.


The overall cast of His Dark Materials is full of fantastic talent (Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, and Lin-Manuel Miranda to name a few). What have been the biggest lessons you’ve learnt from your fellow cast members?

 Always have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously! We are all just normal people playing dress-up!


 Some people might not know that in your spare time you’re also a lover of photography, can you tell us about your camera gear and what inspired you to take up the hobby?

 I have three cameras now! A Pentax MeSuper, Leica Dlux 7 and a Pentax Espio 140.

I found my love for cameras whilst I was filming in Prague back in 2019 when Jack Barton another cast member introduced me to his Olympus film camera, but my dad was big into his photography and I still have his Pentax at home which I use sometimes but it’s sentimental so I don’t take it out often. I use his camera strap though which is nice for me and makes me feel connected to him.


Following on from that question, are there other fun facts about yourself that people might not know?

 I’m big into rock climbing and I do it 3-4 times a week! It’s a really good way of keeping fit and keeping your mind busy, the community is also great which is a bonus. 


Are there any emerging actors that you feel need to be recognised for their work?

 Louis Serkis! A very close mate of mine and a very talented actor.



It seems like it’s been a really busy year for you! A lot of travelling to places like Greece, you went to Paris for the Paul Smith new collection at Paris fashion week and visited Morocco. Alongside all this, you joined a panel at New York Comic Con, your latest film project The Magic Flute released and now you’re ending the year with the new season of His Dark Materials. There must have been so much more as well. What have been your favourite moments/experiences over the last twelve months?

 There’s been so many! I couldn’t pick a favourite moment but a highlight was going to a festival in Croatia with my friends, a lot of them had just finished exams so everyone was on good energy, think there were about 100 people there that I knew so it was mad! Walking the Atlas Mountains in Morocco was amazing also, we had an amazing tour guide called Ibrahim who had been walking these mountains for 34 years!! Being in Morocco did remind me that I need to perfect my Arabic though so I’ve signed up for a 10-week course in Jan! 


Finally, with the world at your feet, is there anything you’d love to try next within acting? Are there any roles you would love to try your hand at next?

 I’ve always wanted to do something that isn’t fantasy based or any sort of magical stuff. But next year I’m filming a drama based in London which I’m really excited about. I’m always looking to test my limits and change what I do every time, I perform best when under pressure I think and I like having that tension of never being too comfortable!


The final season of His Dark Materials is airing now. Follow Amir Wilson @amirwilson_

Interview by Cameron Poole

Photography by Domizia Salusest

Grooming by Christopher Gatt


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