An Easy-to-Follow Guide on How to Ombre Dark Hair

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There are many ways you can style your hair this 2021, but some styles are definitely worth getting than others.

In terms of hair color, more and more people are picking ombre highlighting, and it’s very easy to see why this is such a popular way to style your hair.

Before anything else, what is an ombre hair color and style anyway?

Ombre is a French word that means shaded. When it comes to hairstyles, ombre is a hair coloring technique where a darker base color is lightened gradually as it reaches the end. This provides a unique sun-kissed effect on your hair which offers far more diversity than a single-one shade.

While beautiful, an ombre hairstyle is not easy to achieve. One wrong move with your DIY, and it can end up in a disaster. Most people would prefer having it done by someone else, but where’s the thrill in that? Here’s a short guide on how you can enjoy your own ombre hair at home.


Ombre Hair For Dummies

First off, you’ll want to have your hair treated so that it’s as easy to handle as possible. Ideally, the pros at All About The Gloss say that straight and silky smooth hair is the easiest to dye and color. Avoid doing so when your hair is dry and frizzy as you can end up getting uneven colors instead,

There are actually two ways you can give your hair an ombre look. One is with the use of a bleaching method. To do this, you’re going to want to use bleach to lighten your hair. All you need to do is focus on lightening the tips of your hair up to the part where you want the dark shade to start growing.

An upside to this is that the style can last much longer. On the other hand, not everyone has hair that’s suited for bleaching. If bleaching goes wrong, you’d end up with hair that’s very dry and frizzy. As such, make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle of bleach you are using.


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If you aren’t happy with the initial results, you can add color or toner on top of your lightened ends. Do not try to remedy it with another layer of bleach as this can only damage your hair. With a toner or hair dye, you have more control over the final outcome of the ombre.

Alternatively, you can try giving your hair an ombre look by using temporary hair color. Just gently apply the hair color in strips over your hair. Make sure to concentrate and put heavier colors at the tips so that you achieve that gradient look once the hair dye dries.

The ombre look is a great style to consider, but it can be challenging to achieve. With the right technique and items by your side, you’ll be able to get this look hassle-free. It does take a lot of effort, but the end result is definitely worth it as well.

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