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TikTok’s Top 5 Hair Glazing Products

TikTok has become the go-to platform for all things hair and beauty, but if you don’t want to spend your evening endlessly scrolling through video reviews of hair products, don’t worry, ‘cos we’ve done the hard work for you.

With 27.1 million views, hair glazing is very much on everyone’s lips… and hair! So what’s the fuss about hair glazing and why is TikTok ablaze with this hair trend?

Well, first off – what is a colour glaze hair treatment? Hair glazing is the process of applying a moisturising product to your hair that adds shine, hydration and colour to your tresses. Hair glazing products come in two versions: with added colour boost, or clear.

Go for the coloured hair glazes if you want to boost your current hair colour, but remember, glazes are not dyes! This means you should never pick coloured glazes too many shades away from your current colour. Just want the shine? Then opt for the colourless product. 

But what’s the difference between a gloss vs glaze for hair? Glazes are completely ammonia and peroxide free, adding moisture and colour by coating the hair rather than penetrating into the hair shaft. Glosses, on the other hand, are more like hair toners and contain some ammonia which helps the colour penetrate the hair for a more lasting colour, all while adding shine. This makes hair glazes the perfect products if you want to shine and revive your hair without causing any damage.

So, whether you want to enhance your hair colour or seek an instant hydration boost that’ll get your hair looking salon-style shiny, reach out for any of these top hair glazes:

Glaze Hair Colour

Glaze Hair product selection

TikTok went wild for Glaze Hair, with plenty boasting about how shiny it made their hair. In 16 shades, all packed with vitamin E, Babassu Oil, and a secret GlaziPlex™ solution – Glaze Hair gives your locks a fabulous boost.

Auburn Spice Glaze Hair colour before and after

With no silicones, PPD, ammonia or parabens, Glaze Hair colour leaves you with hair so ultra shiny and conditioned that you’ll feel like you’ve just left the salon!

John Frieda Glaze

John Frieda hair glazing product selection

Another popular hair glazing product is John Frieda’s Luminous Glaze. This glaze is formulated to be used on a weekly basis to add shine and moisture to your hair. Apply in the shower, wait for the magic to happen (literally 5 minutes!) and ta-da, you’ve got silky smooth hair.

John Freida Radiant Brunette hair glaze

As with all glazes, this John Frieda glaze comes in both colour-boosting or clear versions to suit all your hair needs.

Davines Heart of Glass Glaze

Davines Heart of Glass Glaze

This goes out to all the blondes out there! If your tresses are looking like they need a little TLC, this clear hair glaze is the product for you. This brightening glaze combines hydration, shine and heat protection, all in one.

Heart of Glass Glaze on blond hair

Unlike other glazes, Davines Heart of Glass Glaze works is a leave-on product, so simply coat your towel-dried hair with up to 15 pumps of product and blowdry!

Wella Shinefinity Glaze

Wella Shinefinity Glaze product

A TikTok fave, this Wella hair glaze helps you achieve salon-style hair from the comfort of your own home. How? It uses their Balanced pH Shinefinity technology to smooth out your hair cuticles, while adding a pop of colour, so you can get silky and shiny hair in no time.

Wella Shinefinity Glaze before and after

With 40 shades to choose from and all ammonia, paraben and silicon free – you can achieve a healthy-looking shine in just 20 minutes.

dpHUE Glaze

dpHUE Glaze product

No glaze hair product list would be complete without mentioning dpHue. This in-shower conditioning glaze works in a miracle 2 minutes, boosting your colour and smoothing out fizz, all while locking in that all-important moisture.

dpHUE Glaze before and after

Available in 6 shades, the 3D Sheer Pigment Technology in the dpHUE Glaze helps you get salon-worthy hair colour that lasts up to 3 washes.

Words by #GabriellaGasparini

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