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Hair Transplant: Busting The Top 7 Myths

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Losing hair rapidly? No matter which shampoo and mask you use, your hair keeps falling? Half bald already because of hair loss? A hair transplant might be just the right solution for you.

Through this surgical technique, doctors remove hair follicles from one area of your body. They then transfer it to the balding spot on your skull. These follicles later help you grow hair. The treatment is so popular that every 13th man undergoes it.

But this seemingly magical hair restoration option has plenty of myths associated with it. Keep reading to have some of them debunked and get a clearer idea of the procedure.


Myths Related to Hair Transplants

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Myth 1: Other’s hair can be used

The most common misconception regarding hair transplant is that someone else’s hair can be used in place of your own. But remember, this isn’t an organ transplant!

In a hair transplant, hair from your own body is transplanted to the parts that have suffered hair loss. Due to the differences in the biological makeup of different people, it is not possible to transplant one’s hair on another. Even with high-quality techniques such as DFI (Direct Follicle Implant), doctors still use only your own hair for transplant.


Myth 2: It doesn’t look natural

Ever been afraid of a hair transplant only because you think everyone will know you just got one? You probably think that a hair transplant doesn’t look natural. But that is not the case. People undergoing hair transplant can get denser and natural looking hair.

As techniques like DFI involve implants from your scalp, it is highly unlikely that you will grow hair that doesn’t look natural after the transplant. Hair loss solutions by Eternal Hair offers techniques such as hair transplant which gives a completely natural look.


Myth 3: You get instant results 

Many people think that a hair transplant lends instant results. But that’s a complete misconception. Hair transplants take considerable time to deliver best results.

The process involves giving an initial boost to the hair growing cells of the body and it is all-natural. Generally, it can take from 3-12 months for a patient to get their hair back. The actual duration depends on the patient’s metabolism and body type.


Myth 4: It’s a painful procedure 

A general misunderstanding among patients is that a hair transplant is painful. But that’s completely false. Hair transplant procedures are easy on the body and cause no pain. You might feel itching at some point depending upon your skin, but that’s all the discomfort you will face.

Moreover, there is no side-effect associated with the procedure. You won’t face unnecessary hassle after the treatment. Meaning you won’t have to miss any workday or avoid any daily tasks only because you’ve had a hair transplant.


Myth 5: Only works if you get it in the early stages of hair fall

Many people suggest undergoing a hair transplant in the early stages of hair fall. But this is simply a far-fetched and vague suggestion. In the initial stages, it is not possible to predict the amount of hair fall you will have. It is highly possible that the hair fall is temporary and might stop after some time.

You must look out for the option of transplant only after some time of continuous hair fall. If the rate of hair fall is brisk, you can consider having the transplant at the earliest. But it is not a rule of thumb to have the transplant in the early stages of hair fall.


Myth 6: It needs too much care 

Think that the transplanted hair needs extra care? You’re wrong! You can be as normal with your transplanted hair as you are with your regular hair.

Applying regular hair products after a transplant does not spoil your hair at all. Instead, as it is done naturally, using the right products only enhances the density and quality of your hair. It is crucial to know that the more you care for your hair, the better they grow. But that doesn’t mean that transplanted hair needs anything extra.


Myth 7: It’s a temporary solution

This myth can be true if you don’t take proper care of your transplanted hair. But in most cases, it is completely out of depth. If you continue to take care of your hair regularly, the problem of hair fall will be a topic of the past.

You must understand that no treatment is a success if you can’t take care of your body after it. And the same is true for a hair transplant. But it isn’t in any way a temporary solution. And in most cases, you can count on having a scalp full of hair for a long time.


Wrapping Up

Now that all your myths about hair transplant have been busted, it’s time you get one for yourself or recommend it to a friend. Remember, if done by an expert, it is the best way to gain back your gorgeous and youthful hair.



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