Chic Suits: The Latest Trends In Ladies Suits

The best suits for women hold a certain kind of power that can’t be replicated any other way. They are elegant and structured while maintaining appealing ease, reassuring you that your jacket and pants will always work just as well together as they are styled as stand-alone garments.

If you have yet to include chic suits for ladies in your wardrobe, there is no better time than now to do so. They offer plenty of versatility and the ultimate power dressing option, ideal for the office and a night out with friends.

Office Attire

More traditional corporate offices typically have a set dress code that needs to be followed. And while this restriction may limit your clothing options, it doesn’t mean you have to wear the same boring black suit every day.

Have some fun with your style and select the classic suit silhouette in a rich, striking color, like emerald green or sapphire blue. Dark colors offer a refreshing break from the traditional neutral shades typically worn but maintain a formal appearance. Complete the look with black suede heels or loafers and a bold necklace.

Timeless Style

It is a well-known fact in the fashion world that an all-black ensemble is a guaranteed timeless classic. While the little black dress has secured itself a permanent place in a capsule wardrobe, a sleek black suit should be the next addition to your permanent rotation.

The beauty of investing in a chic black suit is that you are free to choose any material, style, and fit you prefer, making it a wonderful choice for all women, regardless of body shape. It can be dressed down with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers or elevated with an elegant silk blouse and your favorite heels. The options are endless.


A simple cream suit creates the ultimate statement. It may feel basic and minimal, but the lighter color is entirely unexpected and is a must-have addition to any wardrobe. A tailored but loose-fitting longline blazer and high-waisted trousers can be dressed up with a stylish button-down and elegant black leather loafers.

Alternatively, choose a silk camisole and your favorite summer sandals for a causal fit that is perfect for a weekend lunch.

Playing with Proportions

Nothing adds more interest and intrigue to an outfit than playing with proportions. And over the past few years, designers have increasingly embraced this trend. These days, pairing a boxy, cropped jacket with sleek, wide-leg tailored pants is the epitome of chic and adds the perfect feminine twist to your look.

Furthermore, you can get extended wear of your cropped jacket by pairing it with high-waisted jeans and a graphic tee for the perfect weekend look.

Classic & Cool

If you are after a design that moves away from the standard suit silhouette we all know but still remains formal and fit for the office, a slim, tailored fit with a stand collar is going to be a style that ticks all your boxes.

This sophisticated combination is ideal for a professional who prefers a more minimalist look, as it is simple, sleek, and anything but boring. Avoid wearing a collared shirt underneath, as it could distract from the unique collar shape of your jacket.

Cinched Silhouette

Step away from the traditional style of a suit and turn your attention to a belted blazer and relaxed-fit pants pairing. This incredibly chic and comfortable silhouette maintains the formality of a conventional suit but has a laid-back finish that makes it easier to dress down.

This added flexibility allows you to incorporate it into your closet for social events on the weekend, like brunch with friends or a casual date night. The extended versatility makes it a great investment.

Summer Suiting

There is nothing worse than having to wear a suit at the peak of summer. The constrictive style can quickly make you feel uncomfortable, so choosing a stylish suit in breathable fabrics is the best way forward. Linen is a fantastic material for summer as the breathable fabric keeps you breezy and relaxed while maintaining the aesthetic appeal you will want.

Linen is typically more expensive than traditional cotton, but it will be a worthwhile investment for those who primarily wear suits as their everyday wardrobe option. 

Cozy & Comfortable

When the temperatures begin to drop, and you feel a winter chill in the air, turning to a wool suit is a fantastic option. Not only will it keep you comfortable and warm while you brave your commute to work, but the moisture-wicking properties the fabric holds will prevent you from feeling sweety under the layers.

Choosing a simple silhouette in a neutral block color allows you to experiment and play around with fun accessories and stylish layering options like sweaters, blouses, and tees.

Make a Statement

Add interest and shape to your outfit by selecting a sculpted blazer to fit the curves of the female form. Broader shoulds and a cinched waist, paired with classic straight-leg trousers, create a stunning shape that is both flattering and elegant for all body shapes.

It is the perfect option for all formal events in your calendar, from weddings to serious business functions, and a great alternative to a dress option.

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