Drugs that make you lose weight quickly

When it comes to losing weight, people want to avoid sugar, fried foods, Maida items, and overeating. Today, most people, especially women, are turning to illegal drugs as a way of losing unwanted pounds that have become an unhealthy way for staying slim. Even though the harmful body loss from taking tablets can result in losing weight. Also, it can cause severe troubles and sometimes, it can cause lifestyle damage and permanent health issues too.

If you are considering that the best weight loss pills make you skinny, it is the time to pause and also reevaluate your options. If you are surprised that drugs make you skinny, first of all, you want to have a complete understanding of why illicit drugs can make you lose weight. The person who makes a substance abuse problem harmfully changes a lot of important physical functions in your body. Cognitively, people who misuse drugs can become poor and more frequently, they make reckless decisions.

When the addiction steps forward, consuming more drugs can become the only thing that really matters a lot. Usually, the struggling person is not thinking of maintaining a healthy weight via good nutrition or meeting the necessary family commitments. Rather, that person is only thinking of consuming high drugs next time and spends their full funds to go and buy drugs. Definitely, this is hazardous behaviour and also the stimulating effects of illegal drugs is one of the major reasons; why there are huge health risks of losing weight quickly from consuming drugs.

Why do drugs make you skinny?

At present, there are wide ranges of drugs available in the market, which makes you lose weight. Even some are legitimately prescribed by the physician, which can be a solution to combat obesity. However, these drugs are working by restraining the appetite or blocking the fat quantity absorbed by the body. People who can take drugs for depression also observe supplementary weight loss. Sometimes, recreational drug abuse can cause changes in weight and many people who attempt a drug many times can identify themselves passionately after they notice their slimmer waist lines.

Primarily, there are dual forms of recreational drugs that include central nervous system stimulants and central nervous system depressants. The central nervous system depressants include some drugs such as sleep aids, alcohol, Xanax, marijuana, barbiturates, vicodin, and heroin. Each of these drugs can cross the barrier of the blood brain and also push the brain to slow down important bodily functions like heartbeat and breathing. Also, they induce relaxation and sometimes cause uncomfortable changes in digestive function, impair cognitive ability and sleepiness. However, misuse of central nervous system depressant can cause the consumers to lose weight.

Unlike CNS depressants, the central nervous system stimulants include the following substances such as ecstasy, cocaine, Ritalin, adderall and methamphetamine. Sometimes, this kind of drug includes legitimate weight loss products that are sold under prescription and also over the counter basis. These stimulants can also speed up the physical functions like breathing and heartbeat. That is why; many people who consume stimulants are able to survive many days without even eating or sleeping. By following these periods of misuse, people can suffer from depression, thoughtful exhaustion, and bad temper.

Unhealthy weight loss from consuming drugs

Normally, many of the respected medical companies suggest the weight loss range of not more than one to two pounds for each week. However, this range not only assists an individual to maintain the weight off for many years, but also it guarantees fat loss and surely not from the lean muscle mass or water. This is because; the lean muscle mass can burn more calories very effectively and also maintains as much lean muscle mass as possible, which is more desirable. Also, the routine exercises are not only improving the lean muscle mass, but also boost up the metabolism. Even people with high metabolism can burn more calories and shed pounds quicker than those with a low metabolism. However, the health risks of losing weight very quickly from taking drugs are highly significant.

Whether as an accidental side effect of misusing drugs or on purpose if your calorie intake has dropped below 1,200 calories per day, your body is fully desperate to burn the sufficient calories to fuel activity every day. Instead of consuming a healthy combination of carbohydrates and fat, the body burns all in its way such as muscle. Also, it becomes desperate to hold onto the fat, so it highly minimises metabolism. Once you stop drug abuse, the body packs on pounds in a type of the best fat burner. If prolonged consumption of drugs, the imperfect calorie diets can be a reason for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Ironically, low calorie and fasting diets can improve the fat again around the waist, which is a most hazardous place to have body fat; because of the high risk of heart disease.

What if you can’t stop using drugs?

If you think that addiction is a major issue, you might have noticed the specific changes along with weight loss. The individuals who combat addiction are often lying and hiding how much they consume. They also suffer from mood swings like exhaustion, anxiety, or irritability. Along with weight gain or loss, you may also notice the issues linked with nausea, liver failure, persistent stomach pains, and also issues with apathetic attitude and sleep. Unluckily, people who are addicted to drugs end up knowing that they have a problem. This is specifically honest and the addiction is tricky and it starts by affecting decisions negatively.

That is why; people who misuse drugs start a lengthy sequence of negative decisions such as maintaining weight loss or using recreational drugs to enlarge. If you cannot seem to stop using drugs for any purpose or weight loss, it might be the time to seek professional help. They offer a complete addiction treatment program dealing with withdrawal symptoms, lifestyle considerations, and psychological care needs for the specific time period.


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