Empowerment: Top 5 Best Paid Magazine Subscriptions for Women


Are you looking for top women’s magazines for leisure?

We have gathered a list of subscriptions that you will find in any store or online platform like BrandPerks to keep you engaged during your free time. Several publications provide various topics, such as pop culture news, fashion trends, and home improvement advice. 

Women’s magazines offer updates on pop culture, fashion, health news, inspiration, relaxation, and creative stimulation. There is a magazine for every passion and pastime, from food and fitness to travel and interior design.

Thanks to professional guidance and engaging publications, subscribers can stay informed and amused while learning new concepts and viewpoints. 

Instead of depriving yourself of some well-earned me time, why not treat yourself to a subscription?

We have gathered a list of subscriptions that you will find in any store or online platform like BrandPerks to keep you engaged during your free time!


Best Paid Magazine Subscriptions For Women


Given below is our list of the best paid magazine subscriptions for women:

1. Women’s Health

Women’s Health is a health magazine for health-conscious women seeking advice on health and nutrition. 

We offer a wide range of content, including healthy recipes, fashion and beauty, relationship advice, adventure ideas, and inspirational female profiles. As a one-stop shop for all aspects of women’s health and well-being, 

Women’s Health covers many concerns and is a trusted source for individuals seeking advice and motivation to improve their health. For well-researched health and fitness advice, consider subscribing to Women’s Health. 

The magazine’s diverse content covers various interests and provides a one-stop shop for everything related to living a healthy and fulfilling life. 


2. Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitan Magazine is the best print publication for contemporary women, with guidance on interpersonal relationships, fashion, cosmetics, and the workplace. Cosmo, which has a 4-star rating, promises to assist young, aspirational, and fearless women in reaching their personal and professional objectives. Each issue includes quizzes, red-carpet photos, celebrity interviews, and beauty instructions. 

The cover price of Cosmopolitan, which Hearst Magazines publish, is $4.99. Cosmo covers various subjects, including fashion inspiration, relationship counsel, and celebrity rumors. Cosmo will surpass expectations, as seen by its 4-star rating from pleased clients. Then why wait? Give Cosmo a subscription today, and you’ll join the millions of other women who rely on it for lifestyle and fashion information.


3. First For Women

First for Women is a women’s magazine that gives readers the tools to feel good about themselves and find love and inspiration in all aspects of life. The magazine offers uplifting articles, practical fashion ideas, hair and makeup tips, and new recipes to make your home a home. 

It also contains stories and insights that give meaning to life. Each issue features an “About the Cover” where celebrities talk about life, top lists, and why they smile daily. Style sections change seasonally, but Nutrition, Health, and Cookbook help readers cook smart while achieving their fitness goals. 

At Home, your creative side unfolds in every room of your home. First for Women is a must-read for anyone and everyone around them who wants to move their lives forward. The magazine is published by A360media, LLC, and is available in Issues 17 and 50. 


4. Elle

A 70-year-old fashion and beauty magazine, Elle encourages exploring and celebrating personal style in all facets of life. We cover trends, fashion, health, entertainment, politics, careers, relationships, and quality content.

Elle’s motto is “Si elle lit, elle lit Elle.” This means, “If she reads, she reads her Elle.” 

The magazine offers content on topics such as style, fashion, and beauty and offers subscriptions that inspire women to seek elegant fashion. Beauty. Subscriptions are $6.26 per issue, and renewals are $23.00 for 10 issues.

The cover price is $5.99 for all issues except March and September and monthly issues except June and July. 


5. Woman’s World

Woman’s World is a magazine for women of all ages that provides inspiring tales, advice, and details on relationships, fitness, and nutrition. 

It offers engrossing human interest stories, recipes, crafts, and useful advice for everyday living and is targeted toward working mothers. 

The subscription offers horoscopes, travel guidance, recipes, love advice, and stories on weight loss. The publication also includes a portion of fiction with uplifting love stories.

Since its inception, the magazine has adhered to Woman’s World‘s mission statement by emphasizing workable home and workplace solutions. 

It is ideal for people who manage a home life and a career and those who are interested in DIY projects, recipes, and health-related themes. With a current renewal rate of 50 issues for $84.97, the cover price for each issue is $3.49.


Pick Your Choice

Women’s interest publications appeal to a variety of lifestyles, including those of working women, new mothers, and travelers. 

For women looking for knowledge, inspiration, and amusement, these publications provide a wide range of professionally selected topics and content. 

These periodicals are a great option for women in all stages of life because they empower and inspire their readers with articles on wellness trends and profiles of successful women in various areas. 

The women’s magazines we mentioned above offer a one-stop shop for information, inspiration, and entertainment for women, thanks to their diverse topics and professionally curated content.

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