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Everything You Need to Know About THC and Hemp Flower

CBD seems to be everywhere these days. Even dogs are using it now!


But despite the dramatic rise in popularity, there is still a lot of confusion about what CBD is, what it does, and where it comes from.

If a CBD dispensary has recently opened up in your area, you may have found yourself wondering about the differences between CBD hemp flower and THC flower.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about hemp products and THC products!


THC Flower Versus Hemp Flower

THC flower is also known as weed or marijuana. While THC flower can contain just as much CBD as hemp flower, it will also have enough THC to cause the psychoactive reaction that cannabis is famous for.

CBD flower is also known as hemp flower or CBD hemp flower. It is the flower bud harvested from a cannabis plant classified as hemp.

To be considered hemp, a cannabis plant can contain only trace amounts of THC. This means that the THC content in hemp is so low that it won’t cause the psychoactive reaction that is commonly associated with cannabis.

To get technical, the FDA defines hemp as being a cannabis plant that contains a THC concentration of “not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.” A plant containing any higher amount of THC would be legally considered marijuana.

While hemp flower is low in THC, it is rich in CBD. Many people prefer using CBD hemp flower because want to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without the paranoia and anxiety that THC can induce.


How They Are Related

If you compare them side-by-side, hemp flower will look, taste, and smell exactly like THC flower. There really isn’t a way to tell them apart without lab equipment.

This is because marijuana and hemp are varieties of the same plant: cannabis.

The only difference between them is the level of THC found in a plant.


How to Tell Them Apart

Because the only difference between them is chemical in nature, it can be impossible to tell CBD flower from THC flower. However, if you have access to the plants that the flowers were harvested from, telling the difference becomes much easier.

Although their flowers look the same, there are some clear physical differences between the hemp plant and the THC plant.

The leaves of a THC-bearing plant will typically have broader leaves. The plant will look more like a short, dense bush.

By comparison, a hemp plant will look tall and skinny, with thin leaves.



CBD and THC are both cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are a type of naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant.

While there are 144 known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, CBD and THC are the most well-known.

CBD Flower is known to have many benefits. CBD users claim to feel a reduction in anxiety and a general sense of calm. Some claim it has anti-convulsant, anti-psychotic, and anti-tumoral properties.

THC can have some of these same benefits, while also promoting appetite, easing nausea, and acting as a pain reliever. However, THC does also cause a psychoactive high, which can be an extremely unpleasant experience for some people who suffer from high anxiety or depression. Great source for THC brands can be found at on the Nature Bloom review page.


Smoking CBD Flower and THC Flower

If you’ve decided you want to give CBD flower or THC flower a try, the most common way to enjoy these products is by smoking them.

Of all the ways to smoke cannabis, rolling a joint, or a hand-rolled cigarette containing cannabis, is perhaps most popular. Rolling papers are inexpensive and easy to come by, and it only takes a little practice to learn how to roll joints.

Using a pipe, bowl, or bong is also a favorite way to smoke cannabis. Though it does require some extra expense and maintenance, these products can help you smoke more efficiently.

A newer way to smoke cannabis is using a vape pen. Some vape pens can be loaded with dry flower, while others require a special cartridge that contains a CBD or THC extract. Either way, these products will provide a smoking experience that is much easier on your lungs.


Alternative Hemp and THC Products

Because it is these cannabinoids, and not the plant itself, that have the desired effects, it is possible to extract these compounds from the plant and incorporate them into new products. This allows users to reap the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke the actual dried flower.

Edibles are a popular alternative method of consuming cannabinoids. These are usually treats made with cannabis-infused butter or sugar. It’s also possible to make cannabis-infused tinctures, oils, ointments, and pills. If you don’t enjoy smoking, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.


Which One Is Right for Me?

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to find out which hemp product or THC product is right for you. It will be different for everyone.

Each person has what is known as an endocannabinoid system, which is the series of receptors in your brain that interacts with the cannabinoids taken from the cannabis plant.

In the same way that each person has a unique fingerprint, everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system.

To find out what will work for you, the best course of action is to experiment and take things slowly. Take careful note of your reaction to CBD, THC, each type of product, and how much of each cannabinoid was needed to feel the desired effect. This will take some patience, but it is worthwhile.

Start Exploring

If you have read this far, you are probably ready to start experimenting with CBD hemp flower. While THC flower can be difficult to come by in most states, CBD dispensaries are easy to find in most metropolitan areas. Even if you don’t live near a dispensary, CBD can be ordered online! There’s no reason why you can’t start exploring the benefits of CBD today.







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