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Finding a Safe Site That Suits You – Use Sportsbook Reviews From Experts

Sportsbook reviews are big business in the multi-billion-dollar gambling industry. While you might think that expert knowledge could be a prerequisite for anybody who gets paid to write sportsbook reviews, this isn’t always the case. Also, many reviewers do it as a side job or for free because they enjoy it.

This doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about—but it means that there’s a range of different levels of expertise and knowledge. As the industry grows, the market becomes saturated with reviews that span from pure opinion, and are essentially disguised copywriting, to genuine, authentic opinions and assessments from people with a decade or more of experience reviewing sportsbooks.

Expert Vs. Opinion¾Key Considerations to Weigh Up

Experts can have opinions, so we’re not trying to conflate or confuse the two. They’re not mutually exclusive. However, in the world of sportsbook reviews, understanding the difference between somebody who understands the specifics that comprise a high-quality sportsbook and somebody who might be enthusiastic but limited in their research is crucial.

Within the first paragraph or two of a reputable sportsbook review, you should ascertain if the person conducting the review has spent considerable time observing what the platform offers. You want a sportsbook reviewer to be able to break down the site aesthetic and provide an opinion that actually delivers¾and for us, this is where the fine line is drawn between opinion and expert.

Differences Between Expert Reviews and Generic Reviews

An expert will be able to give their opinion and then describe nuances on the site that back this up. This is a crucial difference. An opinion-based review could read something like

“We enjoyed what was on offer. The app had a nice aesthetic and included over 30+ professional sports you could gamble on.”

A more detailed review, using DraftKings sportsbook as an example, would read something along the lines of:

“DraftKings offers various fantasy football services alongside their vast football betting markets. Of the twelve deposit options you can choose from, we opted for PayPal as it’s the only acceptable payment form that triggers their current bonus. If you use a credit card or wire transfer, you cannot claim your free betting credits. Be aware that the credits on offer will match anything up to $100, but there’s a max cashout of $75 and a playthrough requirement on chosen football and basketball markets before you can claim your winnings. The most recent Android update means that it’s slightly slicker than on an iOS device¾but if it’s latency or in-play cash out mechanics you’re concerned about, you won’t run into any difficulty using either operating system.”

Is it Really That Important to Get an Expert Review?

It depends on the sport you’re gambling on, but ultimately, if you can establish that the person reviewing the site has a good inkling and knows what they’re talking about, it will save you the time and stress of having to experience a subpar platform for yourself. This applies to essentially every other digital industry as well. The power of a well-written expert review should not be understated. It can act as an even better advert for a company than a TV or radio ad¾more bettors are likely to seek this out and entrust somebody who genuinely understands what they’re reviewing.

While many sports bettors will seek out expert reviews if they’re looking to bet on the Super Bowl or other prominent US sporting events, it’s crucial that the reviewer is an expert on sportsbooks, not just an expert on the sport itself. They’re two entirely different entities. Expert reviewers are more difficult to find as they don’t have the sort of visibility in the sports betting market as ex-pros or figures in certain sporting authorities do.

Expert reviewers will leave no stone unturned. They will discuss payment methods and the quality of the app, go into detail about the sports betting markets that are available, and discuss other elements such as site security, licensing, and ongoing, and existing promotions—all of which are vital—and they’re all elements of a sportsbook review that a top reviewer understands the importance of.

Final Thoughts

Many sports bettors will settle on the first sports betting app or website they find on a search engine. Likewise, if they’re looking to use a welcome bonus or promotion, many people will just go to a search engine and then select the first name that they’ve heard of. Given there’s so much competition, it’s not going to land you in too much difficulty, but why not do a bit of preparation, see what you like, and opt for a platform with the best reviews?

If we were going to book a trip or use many other services online, we would seek out travel news and information via blogs or travel bloggers. So, in theory, sports betting should be the same, especially if that decision means you will use that particular platform for the rest of the season. Ensuring that the provider you use is able to provide a high-quality service starts at the fundamental level of checking out these reviews for free and forming your own opinion on where is best to place your bets.

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