From Spin the Globe to Bucket Lists: Innovative Ideas for Choosing Your Next Adventure

For dedicated travelers, deciding on your next destination can be an exhilarating yet overwhelming task. The world is full of amazing places to go and adventures to have, and choosing from the incredible variety that exists can be a challenge, even for seasoned travelers!

But with a little creativity, choosing where to go can be almost as fun as the journey itself. Rather than struggling with a long list of places to choose from, why not try something a little more innovative and use one of these alternative methods to decide where your next adventure will take you?

Spin the Globe

Add a little whimsy and through careful planning to the winds by letting the fates decide where you will visit next! Get hold of a physical globe or find a virtual one, close your eyes, and give it a spin! Wherever your finger lands will be your next travel destination. This level of spontaneity is not for the faint-hearted, but will add an incredible thrill to your next trip and will help you discover destinations you might never have though of otherwise.

Travel Personality Quizzes

If that level of chaos is a bit too much, why not let your personality guide your travel plans? Online quizzes that give you suggestions about where to go based on your personality are numerous, and are a great method of finding alternative options that you will almost certainly enjoy.

Bucket List Adventures

Almost any traveler worth their salt will have an extensive bucket list of destinations and experiences they are dying to visit. So if you are struggling to decide where to go, why not turn to this resource and tick off one of your dream destinations? Whether you are embarking from Southampton on a dream cruise or visiting the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights, this method guarantees you a great adventure.

Blindfolded Map Pointing

Another way to add whimsy to your wanderings is to play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, but with a world map as the donkey and your destination as the tail! Blindfold yourself, point yourself towards a map of the world, open your mind, and stick out your finger! Wherever you land is where you should go next.

Instagram Travel Inspiration: Visual Feast

Instagram is one of the best ways to get travel inspiration. It offers a gallery of visually stunning destinations, and with hundreds of thousands of travel influencers all showcasing the best destinations on the planet, finding a new adventure is just a matter of picking the place that catches your eye! If you don’t follow any good travel accounts, try following hashtags like #TravelGoals or #Wanderlust and you’ll get plenty of breathtaking suggestions.

Story-Driven Exploration: Literary Adventures

One incredibly fun way to plan a vacation is to take inspiration from the world of literature and explore destinations from your favorite novels. Whether you visit the charming Spanish towns from Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon, the wild Mexican canyons of Born to Run, or the dramatic New Zealand mountains from the film version of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, the world of books opens a plethora of incredible destinations for you to visit.

Deciding where to visit next can be an incredible rush, and by adding creativity and spontaneity to your decision-making process you can discover a wealth of amazing new destinations. Whether you tailor your trips with personal preferences or choose completely at random, there are some brilliant ways to make your next adventure something truly memorable.

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