Get Ready for your Escort Date with these Tips

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First escort dates are special; they make you excited yet anxious about how to impress your partner. As the day approaches, you feel nervous about how to hit the mark, especially in your dress. If you’re currently in this situation, you are not alone. Everyone feels the same way.

Your dress style tells the first story about you. It is the first parameter that determines the impression your escort will have about you and the success of your outing. These escorts are familiar with stylish dressings; if you’re not on the radar, it could make your first date a stilted experience.

It is true that, unlike ladies, men’s wardrobes are relatively small, consisting of pants, shirts, and a jacket. However, these clothes are styled to suit different occasions. Therefore, you must ensure that your outfit fits your chosen location and is equally comfortable. How do you achieve this? These tips will teach you how to get ready for your escort dates.

Dress for the Occasion

Before choosing an outfit for escort dates, you’ve probably agreed with your escort on the venue. It could be a formal date at a classy restaurant, a casual movie date, or a date night at your hotel suite. The one-fits-all clothing for these occasions is business casual. However, let’s elaborate on the perfect dress code for these events.

·      A Classy Date at the Restaurant

You should find out the restaurant’s dress code if your first escort date is at an upscale restaurant or local diner. Outfits for these occasions are usually formal attire or business casual. Wear tailored pants and an ironed shirt. You can decide if you want to add blazers and a tie. Simple accessories are also a plus.

·      A Casual Movie Date

If your date involves seeing a movie, sharing a coffee, or touring the city, your dress should be casual but smart. A linen shirt and chinos are appropriate, and your shoes shouldn’t be tennis shoes or any ordinary sneakers; go for comfortable loafers. Remember, your escort will be in her best attire, so you shouldn’t be found wanting.

·      Hotel Room Date

Setting your escort dates in your hotel room is not an excuse to look poorly dressed. You should not be seen opening the door wearing your bathrobe. Business casual is the way to go. Put on fitting dress pants and a shirt on a freshly showered body.


Why Business Casual?

Business casuals are outfits you wear to work. That means that only some work clothes are acceptable, specifically those you wear to an office. This translates to a fine collared or polo shirt, khaki pants, and formal shoes. Let’s start with the shirts.

Your shirt should have a cool-colored tone and designs. It shouldn’t attract unnecessary attention, nor should you look like a plain John. The shirt buttons should be buttoned, but not up. As for your pants should be plain chinos with color variations between khaki, navy blue, or black. Avoid bright colors if you don’t want to turn your date off.

The shoes should be polished, and remember to wear socks. Naked feet on shoes will make you look hippy, and that is not the impression you want to make. Your accessories should not be flashy. The color of your belt should match your shoes. It should be something between casual and flashy. Also, your jewelry should be decent.

Finally, smart attire without proper grooming will make you look unkempt. You should neatly trim your hair and beard before the date.


Why Does My Outfit Matter?

Escorts are not toys; they are full-blooded humans. It’s no secret that you are paying for their services to keep your bed warm. However, it shouldn’t be a reason to be disrespectful by showing up on escort dates looking ragged. Just as you would take time to prepare for a conventional date, you should put the same effort into your appearance with your escort dates.

Women’s sexual response is dependent on how you present yourself to them. Due to their nature of paying attention to the smallest detail, a messy appearance can turn them off. You need your woman to be attracted to you and lose herself to the pleasure of being with you. You need her to be a willing bed partner, which is only possible if you lay the foundation with a good fashion sense. And if she’s turned off, you might not enjoy your time together.


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