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Have you taken note of the recent changes in the music industry?

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There has been a change in musical eras, from artists that drew influence from a wide range of genres, from rock to jazz to classical. Hip-hop, R&B, and pop are touchstones for today’s electronic, sample-based, and computer-generated soundscapes.

The widespread availability of electronic and social media has impacted every stage of the music industry, from creation to distribution to consumption. Because of this, the number of fresh, self-sufficient musical acts has increased dramatically.

Social media platforms are now available to artists, allowing them to spread the word about upcoming performances. One promising strategy is to distribute discount coupons made using a blank free coupon template and free freebies.

These variants illustrate how music has developed in response to shifting fashions and attitudes over time.


Trends in Music Right Now

TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have all contributed to a quick transformation in today’s most popular music. The success of newer, alternative music styles has paved the way for today’s musicians to gain mainstream attention. 

So what are the most popular trends in 2023?


Sped-up remixes

After a long period of music being remixed to be sped-up newer artists are starting to catch up with the trend and, across multiple streaming services, officially release versions of their music which is speed-up. Some examples are Hotel Ugly – “Shut up my moms calling – (Sped-up), Steve Lacy’s  “Bad Habit – (Sped-up), Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz – “Miss You – (Sped-up)” and many more.


Authentic New Artists and Music

As time passes, the appreciation for independent Artists that release their music across different platforms increases. Generation Z demands more profound, personal experiences online and gravitates toward communities that value authenticity over curation.

More minimalist and genuine platforms will surpass social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The younger generation gravitates toward more candid content and “real” online contacts on platforms like TikTok, BeReal, and Discord. By 2023, the newest and youngest social media users will reshape the industry by demanding greater transparency in their online interactions, according to WIRED.


The impact of technology on new musical styles and their promotion

Technology has completely revolutionized the music industry and is rapidly shaping emerging music. In particular, social media platforms like TikTok, Discord, and Instagram Reels are becoming increasingly important tools for artists to promote their music and build their fan base.


The Effect of TikTok on New Music

TikTok is a well-known short video publishing platform. Short videos containing background music often go viral, meaning overnight success for artists. This is the case for artists who have just one viral song and have signed multi-million dollar contracts that have tremendously boosted their careers.


Social Media Music Promos and Instagram Reels

Instagram, seeing the popularity of TikTok, quickly implemented a product with similar functionality: Instagram Reels. Users can now make videos with customized audio using this function. As with TikTok, this facilitates the spread of music by exposing listeners to the “best” portions of a song.


Additional Music Promotion Options for Artists

As mentioned before, artists can use social media to promote their music. Giveaways for free tickets or discount coupons are just one exciting possibility. Other online chatting platforms such as Discord, have also become viable resources for artists to connect to their audience.


Challenges facing emerging artists

All this being said, being an artist is not an easy task. All the tools we mentioned before are easy to use and straightforward. However, this makes the industry highly competitive, and new artists must keep up, invest a lot and remain focused on staying or getting ahead.


Staying Competitive

Keeping up with the competition is a significant obstacle for up-and-coming musicians. Making music that stands out from the sea of audio available on streaming services and social media is essential. Musicians must put in a lot of work perfecting their craft, making professional recordings, and spreading the word about their work to succeed.


Keep up Engagement and Interest

Artists must do more than just make fantastic music to keep their fans interested and invested. This involves engaging with followers in various ways, including through social media, fresh material drops, and in-person and online events. It’s a lot of effort, and many musicians have a hard time juggling songwriting with other tasks like brand development and fan interaction.



The entire music industry has advanced tremendously throughout the years. Thanks to the internet and social networking sites, up-and-coming musicians no longer have to struggle to gain exposure to their work. Fans will benefit greatly from this, but up-and-coming musicians must fight harder than ever to break through.

Despite these challenges, current music trends suggest the development of new musical genres and technology in the near future. Artists that make full use of their resources are better able to meet the changing demands of their audiences.


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