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high jump | “001”

London indietronica duo High Jump make waves with their eagerly awaited debut EP 001.

The creative vision of Harry Martin and Rick Holland, High Jump have rapidly built a reputation for their atmospheric and musically rich soundscapes. Their debut EP 001 is no different. Mixed by the acclaimed engineer Max Cooke, the EP highlights the duo’s unique blend of warm lo-fi electronics, bright and jangly guitar lines, and catchy vocal melodies. Their sound comfortably dances between the lines of electronic dream-pop and indietronica.

Reflecting on the EP, Harry and Rick share: “Over the past couple of years, Harry has been writing and sending unsolicited demos to Rick, who is also the drummer for Tungz. Rick cherry-picked the most promising tracks, and through long voice notes and ad hoc studio sessions, we crafted a collection of songs significant enough to share. Starting with ‘M2K’ at the end of 2023, we decided to expand our audience beyond our close friends.”

The EP is the catalyst of a period of writing and recording, diving into nostalgic storytelling weaved with a unique mix of sonic inspirations. “This collection is a reflection of our influences and the music we’ve recently enjoyed, with nods to artists like The War on Drugs, Cocteau Twins, Jai Paul, and Toro Y Moi,” they state. “We’ve managed to capture a balance of intimacy and grandeur in these six tracks. While they began in personal spaces, working with Max Cooke at Snap! Studios added layers of sophistication. Lyrically, the EP delves into themes of over-nostalgia and its impact on our appreciation of the present. Written during a period of significant life changes, the EP conveys a sense of lament and resistance to change. These themes are integral to High Jump’s ethos—a dynamic blend of inspiration and expression, capturing a snapshot of our identity inspired by fashion cycles and seasonal variations. This makes the current stage of High Jump’s evolution particularly exciting, and we’re thrilled for ‘001’ to serve as an introduction to our future releases and performances.”

001 is out now.

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