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High Street Fashion Tips You Can Inculcate In Your Wardrobe


High street fashion can be described as the best combination of looking stylish while feeling comfortable in your skin.

There is no hard and fast rule in high street fashion and it is all about looking and feeling your best. You can easily team up a bikini top with those multicolor shorts or wear a baggy tee-shirt with loose boyfriend jeans and tag it as high street fashion. Today we have collated some expert tips which can help all aspiring fashionistas visit the high street of fashion in their area:


  • Athleisure is an integral part of high street fashion as it can help you transition easily from the gym session to a casual coffee date with friends. Some common forms of athleisure are sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings, hoodies, gym tanks, and more. This trend has become a favorite of fitness enthusiasts around the globe with a taste for fashion. You can fill your wardrobe with these smart apparels which bring moisture-wicking and odor-reducing aspects to the table for adding to the overall functionality. Celebrities like Rita Ora, Beyonce, and Rihanna have brought this laidback style into mainstream fashion.
  • When in doubt with high street fashion, you can always stick to black as it is the perfect form and function outfit. However, it is imperative to understand the difference between looking like an angst-ridden goth and stylish sleuth. You can nail the look easily by playing with textures and fabrics like canvas, denim, and suede. Some variation can be brought to your look by bringing in dark and almost black-grey shades.
  • Chunky trainers have become the IT thing of high street fashion since Ryan Gosling sizzled the screen as Steve Carrel in the hit movie Crazy Stupid Love. This trend was curated for fashion mongers with Balenciaga’s Triple S back in 2017 and has become popular amongst every brand under the sun. The chunky trainers should be treated as a statement item given their purposefully ugly design. You need to pair them with simple apparel such as chunky knitwear or dark selvage denim for allowing the trainers to hog the spotlight. For imparting a luxurious edge to the trainers, you can opt for a pair crafted using leather or suede.
  • Gladiators are an impressive choice for your high street fashion look as they can be paired easily with your denim shorts and a casual t-shirt. You can accessorize this look with subtle bangles and neckpieces so that the main focus remains on your stunning footwear.
  • Highlight the diva in you with loose grey knitwear flowing till your thigh which can be worn over a white shirt. You can add a dash of funk to your look by tying a knot on one side and choosing denim shorts for enhancing your glam quotient.
  • Contrary to popular belief, high street style can be created with even the basic pieces of clothing. For brightening up your appearance you can wear a plain white top over tapered denim folded till your calves and complete your look with a faded green jacket which can help you stand out from the queue.
  • White and black is a classic choice of outfit which can alleviate your style quotient at special events.For nailing the perfect look, you can opt for a flowing white crop top and a gorgeous layered black midi skirt.
    Choosing footwear complementing your choice of dress can help you put a stylish foot forward.
  • A casual jacket look can be styled in no time using the basic clothing in your wardrobe. It serves as the perfect blend of trendy and casual which can help you hog the limelight at every event you attend. For nailing this look, you can wear rugged denim shorts under a deep-neck white top and finish the look with a light-colored jacket. Wearing a statement neckpiece can make the whole look more exquisite.


While fashion never fails to attract everyone’s gaze, it is imperative to understand what works for your specific body type and personality. Once you have decided on the look, you need to step out with confidence as that is going to enhance your overall charm.


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