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How Bingo Has Changed from a Big Night Out to a Cosy Night In

Playing some bingo used to involve organising big nights out once a week or so, with all that this means.

From paying for transport, food and drinks to finding something suitable in your wardrobe to wear, bingo was fun but it could also be pretty costly and time-consuming. How has this changed thanks to the internet and our craving for a more convenient lifestyle?


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Chitrapa, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Bingo Now Fits the Modern Lifestyle

The average Brit now spends a total of four years of their life watching streamed TV and movies, with three more years dedicated to business video calls.  This confirms the huge importance and relevance that the internet now has in our culture. It is hard to think of an area of life that hasn’t been affected by the internet revolution, from shopping to sport and from work to hobbies.

There is no doubt that the way we live our lives has changed enormously. A modern bingo betting site, like Betfair, has been designed to fit this, by giving us instant access to bingo rooms like Deal or No Deal and Helter Skelter. They also provide jackpot slots such as Highland Reels and Clover Rollover 2. Most importantly, the games are available 24/7 at the press of a button.

Online bingo fits our new approach to looking online for what we want and being able to enjoy it instantly, by giving us the speed and convenience that we now crave in everything we do. The idea of having to wait until a fixed time on Friday or Saturday to enjoy some bingo games seems like something that simply no longer fits our lifestyles.


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Bingo night” (CC BY 2.0) by Anne Varak


The New Style of Bingo Night In

The glory days of land-based bingo in the UK occurred a few decades ago, when thousands of people would flock to their local bingo hall for some games with their friends. This has given way to a more personalised experience where you can play your chosen games at a time that suits you without leaving home.

Yet, these bingo nights at home remain a social experience just as those trips to the bingo hall used to be. The social experience has been retained online, thanks to the presence of a chat function and the way that these sites work hard to build up a strong community feel among their players.

Of course, playing bingo can always still feel like a special occasion. Anyone who loves trying to get a full house can make the most of the modern opportunities by inviting friends round to play, making some snacks, and dressing up smartly. The idea of bingo as a highlight of the week hasn’t changed, despite the fact that how we play has been updated.

Bingo remains one of the UK’s most popular games and this doesn’t look like it will change, but the gradual switch from bingo nights out to spending nights in playing this game shows us how everything changes over time to meet our needs and evolving lifestyles.

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