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How Can I Recover Deleted Pictures From an SD Card?

Are you using an SD card to extend your device’s internal storage? If yes, then you may have encountered issues like the sudden deletion of pictures from your SD card.  It can be very frustrating to notice that photos have been mistakenly or intentionally deleted.

These things can happen to anyone and can put you in trouble until you apply proper methods to get deleted photos back. SD cards are mainly known for their small size but are exposed to sudden failures and faults like other storage devices.

If you have encountered such a photo or any data loss scenario on your SD card, try to find the exact cause of the same. Knowing the exact cause of the issue will make it easy for you to restore the deleted pictures.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some methods to answer your query – How can I recover deleted pictures from an SD card?


What Causes Deletion of Photos From an SD Card?

Before you learn methods for deleted photo recovery from SD cards, try to find out the exact cause behind such data loss.

Some common reasons that lead to the deletion of photos from SD cards are:

  • Accidental deletion of photos from SD card.
  • When you format the SD card of your digital camera or any other recording device.
  • Any sort of Virus or Malware attacks on your device from where the photo was deleted.
  • When you try to capture pictures even if your SD card is running out of storage space.
  • SD cards may get corrupted due to simultaneous use on multiple devices.


Quick Methods to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Cards

In this section, we will discuss some quick and easy SD Card Recovery methods that you can apply to recover your photos. It is important to note here that when you encounter that the photos have gone missing from your SD card, immediately stop using it.

Usually, the space that your deleted photos were earlier occupying will be made available for other data files. Overwriting the SD card permanently deletes the lost photos and makes them unrecoverable.

Now, let’s check the SD card recovery methods to recover deleted photos:


Method 01: Check the Recycle Bin

Photos that have been recently deleted will be available in the Recycle Bin for some particular time. If you have mistakenly deleted any image from your SD card, it may be available in the Recycle Bin itself. You can go through the following steps to recover deleted pictures from an SD card:

  • Launch the Recycle Bin folder located on your device.
  • Select and right-click on the photos that you need to restore.
  • At last, choose the Restore option to save them on your device.


Picture 1


Method 02: Recover Deleted Pictures From Backup

If you have created any cloud or drive backup of your photos, then you can use them to recover deleted data. Every time when you capture any new photo and save it on your SD card, we recommend you to take backup of it. There are several backup options, like iTunes, iCloud, external or internal storage drives, etc. available that you can use to back up your SD card.

The backup method is very reliable and works only if you have an updated backup of your SD card from which you need to restore files.


Method 03: Use Professional Photo Recovery Software

If the deleted photo is not present in the Recycle Bin and even if you haven’t created any backup, it is recommended to use a professional software for photo recovery from SD Card. There are several SD card recovery tools that you can use to get your deleted photos from SD cards or memory cards back. In this case, we will use the Stellar Photo Recovery tool to recover lost photos.

Stellar Photo Recovery is a data recovery app that allows you to restore deleted pictures from your SD card in no time. It can even recover deleted photos from damaged or corrupt SD cards of your digital cameras, Android devices, or any other recording devices. You just need to go through 3 simple steps, i.e., ‘Select’, ‘Scan’, and ‘Recover’ to get your deleted photos back. The software is also known for its amazing and easy-to-use user interface, data recovery speed, ability to preview files before saving them on your device, and many more.

The tool is compatible with both Windows and macOS devices and can even recover lost RAW image files. Now, go through the following guide to undelete photos from your SD card using the Stellar Photo Recovery tool:

  • Firstly, connect your SD card to your computer using a card reader.
  • Download and install the Stellar Photo Recovery software on your Windows/Mac device.
  • Launch the software and from the main screen, select your SD card.

Picture 2

  • Click the “Scan” button to start scanning of your SD card. After completion of the scanning process, you will get a preview of the recoverable files on your window.

Picture 3

  • Preview and select the files that you need to recover and tap the “Recover” button to save them on your device.

Picture 4


That’s it! Hope the above steps help you to recover deleted pictures from an SD card.

How to Avoid Photo Loss Issues on SD Cards?

Answering the question “how can I recover deleted pictures from an SD card is not enough, it is important to know how you can avoid such issues in the future. There are many preventive measures available that one can keep in mind to avoid data loss on SD card:

  • Never remove your SD card while in use. Also, safely eject your SD card to avoid any corruption issues.
  • Make a habit to create a backup of important data on your device.
  • Avoid using your SD card when it is showing a storage full error or when your device does not have enough battery.
  • While recovering your photos from an SD card, save them in a location where it is not easy to access for anyone.
  • Also, ensure that the version of installed software programs and the device OS is updated.


Wrapping Up:

Issues like the deletion of pictures from your SD card can occur at any time. It is important to understand that photo recovery from an SD card is an easy and quick process, especially with a professional photo recovery tool.

Tools like Stellar Photo Recovery can recover your deleted photos in no time. Just download the software on your Windows or Mac device and go with the afore mentioned steps to get your photos back.

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