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Lube is right up there with flowers and red velvet cake as “things that make life better.” With slips and slides, sex is spectacular. The general misconception is that lubricants are only necessary for women approaching menopause, and younger women should be able to produce natural lubrication. However, not every woman can produce enough lubrication for sex. Lube is an enhancer that makes sex wetter, slicker, long-lasting, and more pleasurable.


Lube doesn’t just assist you to feel more comfortable but also comes in different flavours, textures, and sensations to spice up the fun and make it more fulfilling. Even if you get wet, you should still apply lubricants. It is always wise to keep lube on should you run out of self-lubrication, which can cause too much friction. Friction on dry skin can cause minor skin tears, cuts, or irritation. Below are how lubricants can be helpful during sex.


What Are The Usefulness Of Lubricants During Sex

1.   Anybody Can Use Lube

To clear the stigma around lube, anybody can use it. A “typical” lube user? There is no such thing as that! Lube can be used by anybody irrespective of gender, age, or sexual orientation while having sex or masturbating. You can apply it to the body part you want or on sex toys.

2.   Use It For Anal Sex

Compared to the vaginal or penis, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate during sex. Regarding the butt stuff, you must set up some railway tracks before driving it through the tunnel. By implication, you will need a lot of lubes to enhance smooth penetration into the rear entrance. Lube makes the glide-in much easier, especially when applied to your favourite sex toys for yourself or your partner.

3.   Use It For Vaginal Penetration

For some reasons like the menstrual cycle, stress, hormone levels, or medications, one can experience vaginal dryness. Even the penis’ natural lubrication levels can also vary, making sex uncomfortable. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Lube up and slide in.

4.   Use It To Put An End To Sexual Discomfort

Don’t wait till the penetrative sex becomes painful and your partner is having a hard time before you use it. Applying before the sex will aid in smoothing and enhancing the rhythm during sex, reducing the risk of painful sex. Let your partner apply it on their vulva or vaginal opening before penetrating.

5.   Lube Is Perfect For An Amazing Foreplay

When you accept lube into your sex life, it’s like having a sign that reads, “we are about to have a seriously fantastic time” over your body. It gets hotter when you apply lube to heat the body-to-body friction. It enhances the body’s movement over the body and other erogenous zones like the nipple and clitoral stimulation. It can be a terrific approach to make foreplay more innovative. Lube introduces more excitement into the life of the bedroom.

6.   Use It for Safer Sex

Lubricants not only intensify sensations but can also protect you from getting infected or unwanted pregnancy. It makes condoms less likely to break. This is because it reduces the friction of the condoms, which creates more of a smooth motion. Since it reduces friction, which may lead to membrane tears, it reduces the risk of STI pathogens entering the body.

Which Lube Can You Use?

If you wander into an adult store or browse through online directories, you will see different lubricants in different colours and flavours. Which of these lubes is then good for you?

There are many different classifications of lube based on the ingredients used, but the popular ones are oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based. Oil and silicone-based lubes are very effective for natural sex but can disintegrate condoms and sex toys to break them. They are also sticky and hard to wash off, which increases the potential for infections.

Water-based lubricants are body-safe. Despite being slippery and long-lasting, it is easy to wash off and kinder on sex toys, although you may need to reapply it often.

How Much Lube Do You Need for Sex?

Any adage that implies taking as much as you need would be suitable to use here. Use as much as you need to ensure pleasurable sex. As it dries off, keep applying!

There are more reasons to use lubricants during your next sexual encounter behind closed doors, and you should always be open-minded about enhancing your sex life.

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