How can online whiteboard tools benefit student learning?

During the pandemic, online learning has become the daily routine of every student. Although it was an aggravating circumstance, the students had to adapt to this situation and find methods that would motivate them.

In addition, the real challenge was to find a method that would help them in mastering the material. Professors and teachers tried in every possible way to convey the material to the students. Even though it seems to us that the pandemic is nearing its end, some of the methods will continue to be applied in the further education system.

There are a number of tools that are effective when it comes to learning, and one of them is certainly the online whiteboard tool. In what way it contributes to students, what are its advantages and how it is used, find out in the rest of the text.

What is a whiteboard?

An online whiteboard tool is, as the name suggests, a tool that represents a white screen that can be used online. As well as in colleges or schools, it actually contributes to learning. But how?

This white screen allows you to show your presentations and ideas. You can also draw on it with a mouse or pen.

How to use it?

Do not worry. We believe that you will very easily master the use of this handy tool. Here is a quick explanation of how to do it.

In order to make things easier for yourself if, for example, you need to hold an online presentation, our advice is that before the meeting on one of the platforms, together with the invitation, share the link to the board.

When you open your board, you will see that there are tools for:

  • Adding texts
  • Drawing
  • Spotlight
  • Eraser
  • Save option
  • Format
  • Undo/Redo/Clear

If you don’t have these options, then you made a mistake when choosing, that’s why we advise you to easily get rid of all the troubles by clicking on the online whiteboard tool, where you will enter a real little paradise for presenting.

Benefits of use

If you are still in doubt, here are a few things that will make this thing easier for you:

  1. Improves interaction

It’s hard to provoke any interaction and encourage students to explore and learn when their only task is to sit and listen carefully. In order to make learning fun, you need to find some animation, and with the help of this tool, it is possible.

  1. Less time spent

Who wouldn’t want to learn from the comfort of their own home? Now you no longer have to spend time on the way to your school/faculty/your student’s house because the online option will allow you to have more time. That’s why this thing will be convenient for you for online learning or teaching.

  1. More options

You choose the way you will present. You can add photos, maps, charts, and videos. Isn’t that wonderful?


Although it is not easy to adapt to online learning methods, there are ways to make it easier for yourself. Therefore, explore all possible options that may suit you, and we are sure that this is one of them. Therefore, quickly put the online whiteboard tool into use.

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