How do I start playing crypto at BTC casinos?


Crypto slots have become a real revelation for those players who preferred traditional online casinos. Moreover, in addition to slots, games such as Dice or Plinko games with instant winnings have also become quite popular. However, to start playing you need to understand how to do so.

To become a full-fledged member of the ‘crypto players’ you must know how to handle various cryptocurrencies. You are required to at least know how to buy the right coins, as well as how to make deposits and withdraw winnings on the gaming platforms. So for those who are not too strong on the question “how to get started?”, we’ll open up a little guide for you.


What are the Benefits of Cryptocurrency? 

Players who have not encountered cryptocurrencies have little understanding of their benefits, although they are quite powerful. This is especially true for players in online casinos. For example, in theory, all crypto gaming platforms provide users:

  • Everyone who starts playing in BTC casinos should know that their cryptocurrency transactions will be completely anonymous. This means that when sending and receiving coins, no one will know whose money it is. So you can play without worrying about anyone finding out your details
  • Cryptocurrencies are proven to be safe and secure. The only rule is to check the wallet address before sending or receiving money. The thing about blockchain is that you can’t roll back, undo or refund a payment
  • Fair play. All crypto casino games are based on a special SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm, which generates the outcome of the round before you even make a bet. Thus, all games are fair. Moreover, if the casino has a license, you can safely play there. A license gives you a guarantee that the site uses fair software
  • Fast transactions and minimal fees. Cryptocurrency transactions are faster than traditional payments. The fact is that the maximum waiting time to withdraw your winnings is up to 60 minutes, and the maximum deposit time takes between 2 seconds and 60 minutes. At the same time, some traditional systems require up to 24 hours to process your payment. Also note that fees on the blockchain network are quite low, all because there is no need to pay additional fees to intermediaries
  • A greater number of different bonuses. Every player has the opportunity to get a variety of bonuses, which will significantly increase the chances of winning.


How Do I Start Playing Using Crypto? 



You don’t need to look for specific instructions on how to start playing at BTC casinos. Just use these steps from our guide:

  1. Open accounts on various cryptocurrency exchanges as well as various web wallets. Here you can buy the required amount of cryptocurrency using Payment Cards, Bank Transfers and other traditional payment systems
  2. Choose the crypto casino that suits you best. Maybe it offers more substantial bonuses or more cryptocurrencies. Register with it and copy the wallet address of the cryptocurrency in which you have a casino account
  3. Log in to your web wallet or exchange account. Make a deposit using the details provided and track the transaction by checking the hash. Note that you must deposit in the cryptocurrency in which you have a casino account
  4. When the funds arrive in your crypto casino account, choose a game and start playing.


There is nothing difficult about starting to gamble with cryptocurrency. Of course, there is a little bit of registration and buying cryptocurrency involved, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Now you know how to start playing with crypto.


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