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How Has Bingo Fashion Moved with the Times?

Bingo is a game that has captured the imagination of millions of players over the years, but how has its links with fashion changed as the game has evolved? By looking at how people dressed to play in the past and how they do it now, we can get an idea of the connection between bingo and fashion.


The Way We Currently Play Bingo

The list of Paddy’s online bingo games shows us the huge level of diversity in the sector right now. Games based on the classic 90-ball game that has been traditionally popular in the UK are joined by American-style 75-ball games and others based on a variety of themes. These games can all be accessed online across the different rooms accessible from the home page or lobby.

This had led to people playing at home or wherever suits them, which has changed the way we think of getting dressed for bingo. It’s now up to each player to decide what to wear, although it seems safe to imagine that a lot of them choose comfort above all else when getting ready to play bingo online. Others may have some sort of garment that they choose because they feel that it brings them luck.


Bingo Fashion in the Past

In general terms, land-based bingo halls have never had the sort of dress code that is common in casinos and some other gambling establishments. The 1960s were when bingo halls first became hugely popular in the UK and if we take that as the starting point for our look at bingo fashion, we can see that players were generally dressed comfortably, with warm jackets and hats generally used. However, the V&A Museum website confirms it was a time of huge changes in the British fashion industry.

The fashion used in that period may look rather old-fashioned to modern readers, but it seems like a reasonable representation of British fashion trends of the time. As we move forward in time to the 1980s, the fashion changes and we see more colourful and lighter garments being used, following the fashion trends of the time and perhaps reflecting the fact that playing bingo was becoming a more comfortable experience in warm, modern bingo halls.

It’s worth remembering that a trip to play some games of bingo was often one of the highlights of the week for people, so it wouldn’t be unusual for them to choose their best clothes before heading out and meeting friends. This may remain the same for some people, who decided to dress up smartly even if no one else can see them as they play.



A Look Ahead

It seems likely that comfort continues to be the most important issue taken into consideration when bingo players are deciding what to wear. As we’ve seen, people have changed the clothes they wear playing bingo, but the overall idea of fashion as an important part of bingo hasn’t really changed.

Emerging technology could change our attitude towards bingo, as the likes of virtual reality and the metaverse make huge changes to our lives, as discussed by the World Economic Forum. This could see players enter a virtual world where they or their online avatars interact with others, which is likely to open up a new world of fashion opportunities to be explored.


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